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December 4, 2017

Why Do Some Parents Care More About The Phone Than The Kid?

It's not uncommon. Seeing a parent yelling at a kid for their phone being distracting. Taking the phone away. Blocking certain items off the phone. Locking up the phone. Trying to look into the phone. Really, it's all about the phone. But what isn't surprising is why most kids feel that their parents care more about their phone than them. When the phone is the main instigator in these situations, how are we to feel other than they feel the need to worry about the phone more than us. But maybe it's indirect? Just, hear me out. In 2015 alone, it was recorded that there were "6.8 billion cellphone subscriptions" ( and there are "96 subscriptions for every 100 people." Crazy, right?! But, that doesn't signify age limit. Now, blogger Moms are discussing the popularity of the kid tablet and phone and how to use it properly for your child. Along with this, the big debate of AI in the Youtube community and the leak of disturbing children's videos being let out, this is a big 'in-the-light' event. But, the big question is, why do most parents feel the need to take away the child's phone other than the 'old-timey' type of punishment. Where is the jurisdiction? Why do we only see a piece of metal and wires as a way to teach the child a lesson. Well, maybe this is why; "1.40% of the population is addicted to their cellphones," (Addiction and on top of this "58% of men and 47% of women suffer nomophobia- the fear of being without a cellphone." So maybe it's not the phone exactly or maybe it's not even the crime the child did, maybe it's a bigger lesson-maybe it's teaching the kid that you can't rely on something forever. So then why take away the child's phone when punishing them if you're only trying to break their addiction. Because most parents view the phone as a wall, something that once it goes up, it's never going to come back down unless you personally move it out of the way. Most parents, see this as a struggle (as it should be seen) and therefore it is viewed as an obstacle that will not teach the child what they have done wrong-if you punish the child, yet still give them an object in which they can indulge, what type of punishment is that? It's like taking away a child's Starburst but then given them Hersey Kisses. You're given them a different type, but it's still candy. The same goes for cellphones. In reality, many children see it as a threat when they lose their electronics, feeling a sense of vulnerability as creativeness takes over and they must find something new to indulge in. Is it really a bad that thing when a kid get's their phone taken away? Not necessarily, but it's not the best way of punishment (depending on the crime). In conclusion, we need less addiction to cell phones and better means of punishment. Maybe letting the kid sleep outside?

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