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    We Tried $150 Iceberg Water With An Expert And It Was Delicious

    Let's honor water for what it is, ya'll: the single most important beverage in our lives.

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    A lot of us try to stay hydrated by drinking as much water as we can on a daily basis, and if you're not, you should be!


    Watch these guys enjoy an ice-cold glass of iceberg water!

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    So a group of water enthusiasts signed up for a high-end tasting of the clear stuff like you've never seen before.


    It wasn't cheap, either.

    And in order to get the most bang for their (water) buck, they were joined by Martin Riese, who's the only certified water sommelier in the US.


    In 2005, Martin created a water menu, and in 2010, he wrote an entire book on H20. He was certified as a water expert in 2011 by the German Water Trade Association, before making his way to LA.

    Now let's get back to the tasting! First, the group sampled Vichy Catalan, reportedly the most consumed Spanish sparkling water.


    Martin said this water pairs extremely well with dishes like steaks and barbecue. Good to know.

    But, what did they think of the taste? Let's just say it was a tad salty. I mean, Curly's face here said it all!


    That's because this water has over 100 milligrams of salt in it. The taste eventually evened out once they paired it with the food.

    Next on the water tasting tour was ROI, which is made in Slovenia. It costs a whopping $56 per bottle!


    It's expensive because Martin said some waters, like this one, come from a very unique spring. This one in particular is touted as the world's most magnesium-rich water.

    They weren't all that impressed, saying it tasted like a couple of Alka-Seltzers.


    Nevertheless, you can't find this water anywhere in the the US. Martin revealed they were the only ones to have access to it. Fancy!

    Then, the water expert busted out the pièce de résistance — Svalbardi — 1,500-year-old polar iceberg water (no joke) packaged in a bottle. It costs $150!


    But that hefty price tag wasn't for nothing, because it was the most delicious-tasting water any of them had ever tasted!


    Oh yeah. It was undeniably every single person's favorite.

    Take note: Martin said you don't have to be rich to enjoy water. It's a human right, dammit, and it should be accessible to everyone.


    So you don't need a fancy $50 to $150 bottle of water. Just make sure you're drinking water, and staying hydrated every damn day.

    So stay thirsty, my friends!