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Strangers Gifted A Man With Autism Thousands Of Cards And Gifts For His Birthday

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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James' autism makes it difficult for him to make friends and connect with others. Because of this, his sisters were worried that his upcoming 21st birthday — on November 30 — would pass without any notice.

So in October, Lucy put out a call on Facebook, letting friends and relatives know that she'd be collecting cards on James' behalf.

Facebook: lucyweir1994

"James has Autism and this makes it difficult for him to make friends and socialise," she wrote. "He gets anxious in social situations and finds it hard to communicate effectively with others. Sadly, James has no friends and it breaks our hearts."

Unbelievably, Lucy's post went viral. Really, really viral. In the first 24 hours her post was up, she'd received more than 3,000 messages from strangers wanting to help.


And beyond that, they received kind messages from strangers around the world.

Facebook: video.php

James even made the Mexican news.

Facebook: video.php

"I wanted him to have the most amazing 21st birthday possible and he loves learning about different cultures and countries so receiving cards and gifts from all over the world is so lovely for him," Lucy told BuzzFeed.

Here's a video of James seeing the sheer numbers of cards and gifts he's received for the first time.

Facebook: jamesweiris21

Lucy says she's been overwhelmed by all the love that James has received. "We are beyond happy and can’t thank people enough for their generosity," she said. "James has had the best birthday he could have ever wished for."