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What Sex Toy Gives You The Best Orgasm?

Help us out a little.

Real talk: A lot of people masturbate.

CBS Films

And when you want a little more stimulation than what you (or someone else) can provide, you might even turn to sex toys.

Castle Rock Entertainment, ABC

Maybe you swear by the Satisfyer Pro 2 because it's given you the best orgasms of your life, time and time again.

Get it from Wild Secrets for $54.99.

Perhaps your trusty Fleshlight has improved your stamina in the bedroom, and you highly recommend it., Fox Searchlight Pictures

Get it from Fleshlight's website for $55.96.

Or maybe there's a specific type of lube, accessory, or anything else you use every single time you're ~in the mood~. /

Like this "O" Vanilla Frosting Enhancement Cream from Pure Romance for $20.

Hey, we're curious! Tell us your favorite sex toy or product (and why it's so great) via the dropbox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!