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    44 Small And Infuriating Things Short Girls Will Never Understand

    Narrowly missing giving yourself a concussion by banging your head on a low ceiling.

    1. Awkwardly hugging someone and inevitably squishing them into your boobs.

    2. Instinctively bending down in every group photo.

    3. Or immediately going to the back because you’re never allowed at the front.

    4. Seeing a cute dress and having it look more like a shirt than a dress.

    5. Trying on a miniskirt and having it barely cover your vagina.

    6. Attempting to find any trousers that aren’t ankle swingers.

    7. And basically getting frostbitten ankles in winter because all your trousers are a little too short.

    8. Hearing someone marvel at how tall you are and having to pretend as if you only just realised you were tall the moment they mentioned it.

    9. Looking at a child and struggling to remember when you were that small because you’re pretty sure you were 5 foot 8 by the time you were 10.

    10. Wearing heels and being acutely aware of how you tower over most people in the room.

    11. Including your date.

    12. Someone assuming you can’t wear heels because you’re tall.

    13. Random people asking how tall you are in a weird, invasive kinda way.

    14. Or asking “how’s the weather up there?!” when it’s NEVER FUNNY.

    15. Constantly being called on to grab something from the top of the shelf.

    16. Being asked if you play basketball when you’re actually terrible at all “tall people” sports.

    17. Not getting dibs on the passenger seat of a car and having to basically be a contortionist in the backseat.

    18. Narrowly missing giving yourself a concussion by banging your head on a low ceiling.

    19. Feeling like wherever you stand at a concert, someone is going to have a problem with it.

    20. Attempting to wash your hair when the shower head is shorter than you are.

    21. Having to adjust your walking speed to that of someone whose legs aren’t three feet long.

    22. Never finding sleeves long enough to actually be long-sleeved.

    23. Seeing your shorter friends sit with their legs crossed in a chair and then trying to re-create that same ~comfortable position~ and giving yourself cramp by bending your legs in the weirdest fucking position.

    24. Rarely being able to fit your knees under a desk.

    25. Wearing a maxi dress that basically looks like an extra long midi dress because it hovers a couple of inches above your ankle.

    26. Encountering anything that’s “one size fits all”, because it most certainly won’t fit you.

    27. Having your head peak over the toilet stall because the door is shorter than you are.

    28. Worrying you’ll squish anyone you sit on.

    29. Hearing someone say, “OMG, you make me feel so short!!!!!!”

    30. Accidentally playing footsie with a stranger under the table because you were stretching your legs.

    31. Entertaining the thought of being a model for 0.3 seconds before remembering you can barely walk in a straight line.

    32. Feeling like your neck’s gonna snap off when you’re at the hairdresser getting your hair washed in the sink, because you’re too large for the chair.

    33. Always being the one giving the piggybacks rather than getting them.

    34. Being the assigned selfie-taker because “you have the longest arms!”

    35. Struggling to find shoes in your size.

    36. And never being able to borrow shoes from other people.

    37. Looking in a mirror and having it cut off half your head because you’re too tall for it.

    38. Sleeping in a bed and having your feet dangle off the edge.

    39. Or worse, sleeping in a tiny bed with a board at the end so your feet are squished and you have to sleep in the foetus position all night.

    40. Not being able to crash on someone’s sofa because it’s too small for your long-ass limbs.

    41. Wearing a jumper and having it awkwardly rise up so a small portion of your stomach is always slightly on show.

    42. Being called a “giant”.

    43. Being called “the tall girl”.

    44. Sitting in any plane seat ever.