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December 2, 2017

A decade filled with so many cinematic treasures.

You don't have much time left!

Seriously though, which monster added the three dots to messenger?

It's hard to tell.

"College is the razor scooter & I am the ankle."


"Yes! I say yes, I say yes!"

Balkans are the most underrated vacation spots ever!

"Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?"

"We're getting the band back together," prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

You can even check this quiz twice.

Turner's lawyers argue that the jury had insufficient and incorrect information.


Piece of cake.

Sarah Aspler • 4 minutes ago

Let the games begin!

After Flynn was let go, the president allegedly pressured James Comey to drop his probe and said Flynn should ask for immunity because the investigation was a witch hunt. Trump's lawyer said he was not obstructing justice.

My own experience getting mass-reported for an old tweet reveals how Twitter's rules can be exploited.

Trust your first instincts!

Pinocchio better watch his back, though.

Let's hope you're not a Toby.

Do you need a box of tissues?

Wooooooow, wtf.


Hey, those stadium beers are EXPENSIVE.

"Marijuana is the gateway drug to taking 45 minutes to pick out which color Gatorade you want to buy."

Every mom is different. Some are a little... strange.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show(s)!

Answer honestly.

I can't be silent anymore.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized Mueller's investigation as a political "witch hunt."

TBH this is the hardest thing you will do all week.


From Game of Thrones to Riverdale, we got you covered.

Un grupo de mujeres en México está trabajando para que se castigue la difusión de imágenes íntimas en redes sociales. En Puebla lograron que se castigará hasta con 6 años de cárcel a quien publique, solicite o distribuya este contenido.

Melissa Amezcua • 2 hours ago

"I auditioned with Matthew. I've never said that in public before!"

OK, Ed!

So sweet.

At least until the AM.

'Tis the season for mozzarella sticks and gifts nobody wants.

"Can I bring a friend on vacation?"

How's your noggin' knowledge?

These people could really use your emotional support right now.

"We're all begging her to come back on the show."

Merry Christmas!

I'm sorry, but you've been chopped.

All things your boozy friends and family will love, and that won't break the bank.

Get it, dads.

There is no amount of sorry that can undo the harm of a sexual predator. The best thing they can do is leave.

"If you have sex in an Applebees, are you learning about the applebirds and the bees?"

"Yeah sex is cool but have you ever closed 15 tabs after finishing a project"

Grab your family, favorite games, and make these recipes for game night

*eats all the desserts*

I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes.

And LBH, who didn't want a monogram Coach purse with the matching sneakers?

"What do you like about working here?"

"The pony is making me do things I've never done before."

Because it's not really an adventure unless things go wrong, amirite?

Baroque, but make it black.

#tryceratops #trymas

Kyle Sheng • 2 hours ago

Is your heart ice cold or thawing out?

Everything is going to be okay.

Snooping through your partner's social media is not the way to figure out if you can trust them or not, guys.

Her hairstyles do all the talking.

All under $20!

What knowledge to have!

Wie schön!

What happens when your resonant dark comedy about female anger is also a lousy one about racism?

"Every year I spell Hanukkah differently and it's correct every time."

Two years after the largest natural gas leak in US history, people living near the California facility say they're suffering from a variety of illnesses.

Dee Dee! Get out of my laboratory!

You're a do-er, not a planner.

Kellyanne Conway is leading the White House coordination of federal responses to the opioids crisis. "If it walks like a czar, talks like a czar, quacks like a czar, it's a czar,” one political scientist said.

Gonna save you so much time and money.

We can't all be as smart as Hermione.

Obwohl es jetzt ein Gesetz dafür gibt. „Für mich geht das Spielchen so lange weiter, bis ich nicht mehr da bin.“



The best way to get all the attention on you without needing copious amounts of alcohol.

サンタはいました! でも…

Mach was aus deinem LACK!




Pigskin, point spreads, and the pursuit of a profit: weekly football wagers from a wannabe wiseguy

With days to go until a "make or break" meeting in Brussels, Europe's capitals have been told by the EU's Brexit negotiators that there are tough issues Theresa May has to sell back home.


The failed coup against Jeremy Corbyn last year was supposed to put his detractors back in their place. Now a group of former frontbenchers is fighting back, demanding action over Brexit. BuzzFeed News investigates.

It's THE wedding of the Potterverse.

When Anick was a baby, doctors knew his body wasn't like other boys'. He tells BuzzFeed News how he has spent his life battling shame, secrecy, and endless surgeries, but is determined to give others hope.

The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK over the last month.


Estoy alucinando.




After deadly Hurricane Irma struck, an entire university was relocated 4,000 miles away from the Caribbean – to Preston, northern England.

Alabado sea quesús.

The bill would reshape the tax code in favor of corporations and do more to undercut Obamacare than anything Republicans have yet managed to pass.

The Democratic House minority leader called for the resignation shortly after midnight on Saturday and said "no one should face sexual harassment in order to work in an office or in a campaign."

Just do it!

It's hard to stay alive.

We all know Surfers Paradise is home to cool parties, but there's a lot more you can do there!

Same thing, different names!


It's a whole world out there.

Find out which hero lives inside of you.


SNS映え◎ 大人っぽい柄が可愛い!



「派手な服を着ているとモテないよ」っていう男性にモテたいですか? いいんですよ、無視して。


Remember burning your mouth on a Bagel Bite?

"Quem ganhar a eleição em 2018 vai encontrar esse país careca", disse o petista, que é pré-candidato a presidente.

It's been a busy week. Rest up and we'll see you with more news on Monday.

Darlene + David = 4eva

Maybe the old Taylor CAN come to the phone.

It was already known Michael Flynn took money from a Turkish businessman while he was advising Trump's campaign. Friday, he acknowledged that Turkey's government supervised what he was doing.


You are guaranteed to be happier once you finish this.

Here's what to do to protect yourself against a massive macOS security flaw. (Again.)

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

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