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December 1, 2017

"Never Underestimate Ambition" 5 Wisdom Nuggets With Benoit Dageville Co-Founder Of Snowflake Computing

I had the pleasure of interviewing Benoit Dageville, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud. Benoit grew up in Antibes, a French town between Cannes and Nice; holds a PhD in computer science and is the author of more than 80 patents.

Você Conhece Mesmo A Zona Sudoeste Do Recife?

Nós do blog Pelas Ruas criamos este quiz pra testar seu conhecimento! Comece já! ;)

The Top 10 Chocolate Package Designs

Stephanie Sharlow of DesignRush, leading digital design destination, rounded up some of the most eye-catching, artistic, and creative decadent chocolate packaging they could find. The variety of the packaging speaks for itself, with everything from minimalistic, plain designs to hand-drawn, bespoke packaging.

12 Days Of Christmas Will Bring You Better Things Than An iPhone X

Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone X hit the market just on time for the holiday shopping season. But all the hype can’t hide the fact that the $1,000 phone has some serious problems: A glitchy face ID system and data security concerns, shattering screens, and potentially slower download speeds, just to name a few. You don’t have to buy seven swans a swimming, but here’s a “12 Days of Christmas” list of great gifts to get your loved ones instead:

12 Wildest Products (and Great Holiday Gift Ideas) on Gadget Flow

Information overload is a serious challenge for anyone trying to buy just about anything. If you’ve dug around on Amazon looking for something unique, you’ve felt this pain. There’s simply too much junk out there. Fortunately, some websites are offering a solution: “curated” product offerings that focus on unique, high-quality goods. Gadget Flow is a great example of this concept, with their product offerings focusing on high-quality, unique, and useful gadgets and other products. With the holiday season heating up, I’ve been digging around for unique and wild products. Some of them might end up being gifts for friends and family. I might end up treating myself to a few early gifts as well.