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This Video Of Laura Dern Interacting With BB-8 Is Honestly One Of The Purest Videos On The Internet

"Are you upset by all the Porg focus?"

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Well, she's also starring in the HIGHLY anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi (like you needed another reason to see it), and has been consistently adorable regarding how excited she is.

And she continued to be the greatest human being alive today, when she posted this clip of her interacting with everyone's favorite ~intergalactic cutie~ BB-8.

Seriously, just watch the video.


And I'm not the only one who has ~feelings~ about this clip.

Oh god I never truly experienced any human emotion until I experienced Laura Dern talking to BB-8.

Also, Dern is UNAFRAID to ask the question on everyone's minds, while still assuring BB-8 that he is the cutest.

My queen stirring up that Porg/BB-8 beef in the most adorable way possible.

And, of course, we all demand to see more of these two babes together.

Gimme a Star Wars spinoff that's just these two being adorable best friends in the galaxy :3

Would watch.

All in all, I think one thing is clear:

We are not worthy of Laura Dern.

Or BB-8, for that matter.