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This Video Of Laura Dern Interacting With BB-8 Is Honestly One Of The Purest Videos On The Internet

"Are you upset by all the Porg focus?"

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So, we all know Laura Dern. She's a legend, icon, star, etc.

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Well, she's also starring in the HIGHLY anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi (like you needed another reason to see it), and has been consistently adorable regarding how excited she is.

"So excited to join a childhood dream!"

"So excited to join a childhood dream!"

And she continued to be the greatest human being alive today, when she posted this clip of her interacting with everyone's favorite ~intergalactic cutie~ BB-8.

Seriously, just watch the video.

Like, this video is too pure for the internet.

Twitter: @LauraDern

I'm calling the police.

And I'm not the only one who has ~feelings~ about this clip.

Oh god I never truly experienced any human emotion until I experienced Laura Dern talking to BB-8.

Also, Dern is UNAFRAID to ask the question on everyone's minds, while still assuring BB-8 that he is the cutest.

My queen stirring up that Porg/BB-8 beef in the most adorable way possible.

And, of course, we all demand to see more of these two babes together.

Gimme a Star Wars spinoff that's just these two being adorable best friends in the galaxy :3

Would watch.

All in all, I think one thing is clear:

We are not worthy of Laura Dern.

Or BB-8, for that matter.

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