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    These $10 Gummy Vitamins Actually Saved My Hair And I Am Forever Indebted

    Brb, stocking up on a lifetime supply.

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    I used to change my hair color all the time. Blue, pink, brown, black, red, white-blonde: I've had it all.

    Courtney Martin / BuzzFeed

    As someone with naturally black hair, my roots would grow in so dark that I'd have to bleach them about once a month. And because I was young and stupid (and broke), I always did it myself using boxed bleach kits rather than taking the smart, safer route and going to a salon. I did this for a year straight...until I realized my hair was dead. Like, literally dead: I would brush my hair and clumps would fall out.

    It got to the point where cutting all of my hair off was the only option to counter the damage, and I was so self-conscious about having a pixie cut (I'd always had longer hair!) that I tried to find ways to disguise it while it grew. I had extensions for a while, but that became too expensive to maintain, and the clips were often visible since my hair was so short. So I decided to just let it nature take its course and deal with the slow growth.

    Fast-forward to four years later, and my hair was still only just above my shoulders. And then, a miracle happened: I stumbled upon these gummy vitamins.

    Courtney Martin / BuzzFeed

    After experimenting, to no avail, with different things to help my hair recover and grow β€” from homemade hair masks to professional salon treatments β€” I considered those fancy gummy hair vitamins that the Kardashians are always raving about. I figured they'd be my last hope, but when I saw how much a one-month supply cost, I nixed that idea real quick. Instead, I checked out my local drugstore to see if I could find a cheaper alternative, and I came across this 165-count bottle of Nature's Bounty strawberry gummies with biotin. The bottle was only $10 CAD (I live in Canada), so I figured I didn't have much to lose...except $10.

    The instructions recommend taking two gummies a day, so I did, and I kid you not: It took only about two weeks to start seeing results. The first thing I noticed was that my nails were actually growing. I’m a consistent nail biter and have never seen my natural nails have any length; I've always had little nubs. But my nails started growing in super healthy and strong β€” not the brittle lil' things I was used to looking at. (People even asked me if I had acrylics on.) I was, in all honesty, shocked.

    About another week in, I started seeing results in my hair, which had started to noticeably grow. It wasn't much, but it was noticeable β€” and that meant progress!

    Courtney Martin / BuzzFeed

    It’s been a couple of months now; I've gone through an entire bottle, and I am truly in awe of how much these have helped with my hair and nail growth. My hair goes to about the center of my back now β€” the length I'd started at before I cut my hair, and the length I'd had with my extensions in. (I took my extensions out a while ago, but my hair has grown back so well that friends have asked if I still have them in.)

    The one caveat for me is the gummies' super-artificial and sweet strawberry flavor. But for $10 and noticeable results within weeks, I think it's a really small price to pay. (Though some Amazon reviewers have mentioned they *do* enjoy the taste, so maybe it's just personal preference?)

    And if you needed further convincing, they've got over 500 five-star reviews on Amazon, like these promising ones:


    "I guess my nails are temperamental but gel manicures nearly ruined them β€” caused them to chip and peel and become fragile as tissue paper. I stopped getting gel nails and started using this product and I finally got them healed and back to normal. Of course, then I got another gel manicure and started the process all over. I love/hate gel manicures. I love/love this product." β€”Average Jane

    "I've been taking these vitamins for a few years now and have really noticed a difference in my hair and skin over time. My hair grows longer now and I get so many compliments on my skin. So glad that a friend recommended them to me!" β€”Kat

    "These gummies are great! I have psoriasis and it affects my nails but these vitamins have made a vast difference in my nails' strength and condition. I will buy these over and over until they don't make them anymore. And the icing on the cake: They taste great!" β€”Sandra H. Norris

    My hair feels the healthiest it has been in YEARS, and I really think a ton of the credit is due to these vitamins., Courtney Martin / BuzzFeed

    Along with taking them regularly, I've been trying to avoid heat damage as much as possible, making sure to use a heat protector spray or cream on my hair whenever I do use hot tools. I also only touch up my roots now with dye and have officially bid adieu to bleach.

    If anyone's had similar hair horror stories or has especially brittle nails that refuse to grow, I highly recommend giving these affordable vitamins a try.

    Get an 80-count bottle from Amazon for $10.23 or a 120-count bottle from Target for $13.49.

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