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    36 Gifts You Don't Have To Worry About Them Getting From Someone Else

    "OMG! Where did you get that?" —everyone to them

    1. A coffee mug that shows Van Gogh (complete with his ear) when it's empty... but as you fill it with your favorite hot beverage it magically disappears. Basically, it's all ears until you use it — then it's all wrapped up.

    2. A Bob Ross coloring book for when you want to add some color to all the happy little trees and happy little clouds.

    3. An adorable and fluffy door stopper so there is no prob-llama keeping the door open.

    4. A calming and moisturizing sheet mask you'll love so much you'll shout in glee, maybe it's so good it'll go down in history.

    5. A set of building block lunch containers that'll never get lost because you're never gonna wanna lego of them.

    6. A silicone guitar ice tray and stirrers, because who says playing an ice cube doesn't make you a musician?

    7. A 10-piece set of super soft makeup brushes to help you achieve a flawless application on those days you decide you wanna be where the people are, wanna see, wanna see them dancing.

    8. A box of nine white chocolate and sake Kit Kats, because why wouldn't you want to try an alcoholic and delicious sweet treat?

    9. A Star Wars cookbook filled with delicious recipes including one for some very Chewy cookies.

    10. A Jonathan Adler porcelain lollipop holder so you finally have a place to store them.

    11. A glass beaker wine glass to use after a long day in the lab.

    12. A comfy T-shirt to honor and memorialize all those planets we've lost. RIP Pluto, RIP.

    13. An adjustable silk eye mask that's just puuurrrrfect.

    14. A rechargeable touch night light for when you wanna have a whale of a good time.

    15. An adorable croissant wristlet that's almost as great as the real thing!

    16. A delightful candle designed to smell like the best parts of your home state — mine is Northern California and it smells like bold wines and the redwood forests and it makes me so damn happy!

    17. A pair of anatomically correct knee socks that I hope you find humerus.

    18. A Golden Girls Monopoly game to give to that person who you want to say thank you for being a friend.

    19. A two-piece suit made entirely out of bubble wrap, because maybe you're not totally annoying yet.

    20. A three-pound bag of cereal marshmallows so you don't have to pick them out of your Lucky Charms yourself.

    21. A twirling and twinkling A-line skirt with over 250 tiny LED lights that'll let you sparkle even in the dark.

    22. A cat butts coloring book because you like cat butts and you can not lie. It would also make a great gift for all your brothers because they can't deny, when a feline walks in with an itty bitty face and puts her round butthole in your face you get...in the mood to color.

    23. A gentle baby rattle for all those weightlifting babies you hang out with at the gym.

    24. An umbrella that'll change colors when it gets wet, helping you add a little color to those dreary days when you have to use it.

    25. A set of bamboo kitchen utensils so you can make music in the kitchen — instead of your usual mess.

    26. A glass Stormtrooper decanter, because maybe after a day of missing every target you shoot at, you just need a good drink.

    27. A cassette tape handbag with removable strap so you can confuse all your young AF nieces and nephews.

    28. A Jeff Goldblum shower curtain that's just fuckin amazing!

    29. A light-up pillow you can snuggle up with all night long — and not because you're afraid of the dark, just 'cause it's pretty.

    30. A set of glass photo frame coasters that can be personalized with your favorite pictures. What better way to pay tribute to your family than by setting a cold drink on their face every day?

    31. A bagel-making kit with everything you need to make a dozen everything bagels and homemade cream cheese.

    32. A comfy T-shirt to show the world that anything is possible.

    33. A wonderful book filled with all the guidance you need in life and on the dance floor.

    34. A cotton oven mitt that gives you a deep look into exactly what you're trying to protect.

    35. A comfy dad hat for all you Helga Patakis out there.

    36. And a set of Star Wars nesting dolls that'll look great on the dash of your Millenium Falcon.

    No one will ever expect these gifts!

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