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December 8, 2017

Accio 2018!

Are you a wizard?

These are the highway to anyone with a car's heart.

We can't all be nice...

Two years after a series of secretly recorded videos were released of Planned Parenthood employees discussing the transfer of fetal tissue, the Justice Department has asked a congressional committee for records of its investigation.

If you didn't hurt your ankles on a Skip-It were you even a '90s kid?

The ghost of a headless nun and disembodied screams.

Fame isn't as easy as it looks.

Nonfat eggnog and and sugar-free cakes are gross. Don’t @me.

The "X-Men" director has vehemently denied multiple allegations of sexual misconduct during his career. The latest accusation came in a lawsuit on Thursday.

Beverly Young Nelson said she "made some notes underneath" the yearbook inscription that she has attributed to the Alabama senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct.

In a year of fantastic novels and short fiction — many by debut writers — these are our favorites, in no particular order.

I choose all of them, thank you.

Making a list, checking it twice...

The most *magical* time of year.

Spoilers up to Season 2, Episode 6!!!

Un helicóptero tuvo que acudir al rescate de personas atrapadas en la carretera.

"Does it bother you that I'm not completely human?"

Here are the most moving and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

Place your order.

Morgue workers, Prince Harry, and Alabama churches, oh my.

Two brothers allegedly advertise and sell pricey but bogus training packages to people looking to make quick money on Amazon, according to lawsuits filed Friday.

From cozy sweaters to cute stocking stuffers, here are the best gifts you can find at American Eagle and Aerie right now.

An email to the Trump campaign about hacked DNC documents was sent on Sept. 14, not Sept. 4, significantly altering the context of the story. "It just sucks to fuck up," said one CNN staffer.

For the person on your list who's environmentally woke.

An affidavit filed Monday before a New Mexico federal magistrate, since sealed, paints a broader picture of what may have happened to Martinez.

'Tis the season!

Here's what happened.

Your one-stop shop for all your holiday needs — and maybe a few other things.

Don't forget the frosting!

We could always use more of New York's finest.

The internet needs to end.

Durante a brutal ditadura na Argentina, milhares de pessoas foram mortas e bebês foram sequestrados dos braços de suas mães. No entanto, hoje, os filhos dos autores desses crimes estão se unindo para denunciar seus progenitores — formando uma nova família.

With the 2018 midterms on the horizon, Moscow proposed a sweeping noninterference agreement with the United States, US officials tell BuzzFeed News. The Trump administration said no.

♫ Did you ever want it? Did you want it bad? ♫

Ao que parece, violência contra mulher não é grave o suficiente para incomodar os empregadores destes famosos.

Quantos personagens você consegue reconhecer?

Yep, I totally bought this at a fancy boutique.

188 críticos de cine votaron por sus favoritas, ¿ya las viste todas?

*Applies lip balm*

"I wonder what it's like to put your hair in a low ponytail and not look like a founding father."

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Cesar Sanchez-Guzman said he wants Singer "to be held accountable for his actions." Singer vehemently denies the allegations.

Para as crianças aprenderem desde cedo que a vida não é fácil não...

Say it with me: NOTHING'S OVER $25!

"Why can’t they just let my good sis Rihanna have the credit and success she deserves."

We won't judge you if you only use this list to shop for yourself.

¿Te cortaron, te batearon y te pusieron el cuerno? Bienvenido a tu quiz.

The report, filed as part of a gender discrimination lawsuit against Microsoft, found that women in technical positions make less than men.

"A minha mãe tomou o remédio errado e ficou completamente embriagada."

The apparent mistake comes as the company is stepping up efforts to moderate content and behavior on its platform.

You'll definitely find something for your mom, sister, best friend, girlfriend, cousin, or literally whoever you know that loves jewelry, on this gift list.

* Laughs in gay *

Você está cuidando bem dele?

What is this sorcery?!

I like my bae like I like my tea — hot and British.

Conheça mais sobre "Contos dos Orixás".

Meet the new Fab Five!

Tu olor es inconfundible.

As told by... actual parents.

Maitland Quitmeyer • 6 hours ago

At the end of the day, it's not just about what you wear, but how you wear it.

As tech giants fight misinformation, fake news publishers are still finding ways to keep making money.

The heavily redacted report reveals nothing about how RT founder Mikhail Lesin sustained the blunt force injuries that killed him. And the Washington, DC, police won’t say whether they reviewed three critical hours of hotel security footage between when Lesin was last seen alive and when he died.

Não é a primeira vez que a Bagelstein usa o marketing ofensivo para promover seus restaurantes. Após contato do BuzzFeed News, empresa pediu desculpas.

In asking a Justice Department lawyer how the court should weigh Trump's tweets about Muslims, one judge said Friday: "Do we just ignore reality and look at the legality to determine how to handle this case?"


Beverly Young Nelson said she "made some notes underneath" the yearbook inscription that she has attributed to the Alabama senate candidate accused of sexual misconduct. The pro-Trump media seized on the admission, twisting it to discredit her whole story.

"And I say hey! What a wonderful kind of day!"

"Ele veio me beijar e espirrou na minha boca."

Despite a "fork of fire" surrounding them and a few nightmarish close calls, people in Ojai, California, aren't budging.

"We were just happy to be able to jump in and let people know that we're here to make sure people have a great experience in our restaurants."

Ni las nevadas se salvan del ingenio mexicano.

These are what I call win-win gifts. 😏

Lindsay Lohan estuvo a punto de interpretar a Lizzie McGuire.

Ahorita vengo, voy a Puerto Rico por uno de tres tipos de carne.

¡No hay excusa para fallar!

Tal vez tu alma es como la de un pomsky.

„Das von dem Wenigsten, was ein Mensch zum Leben braucht, noch etwas einbehalten wird, ist meiner Meinung nach gegen die Menschenwürde.“

Nobody can escape 2017, a year when the aesthetics of white nationalists even made their way into a queer salon in Brooklyn.

Es tan asqueroso como impactante.

En una de esas, ¡hasta te decimos que no tienes que hacer nada!

The arrangement agreed by the prime minister on Friday is more generous than the deal David Cameron secured when he was trying to keep Britain in the EU.

My soul needed these videos.

I wonder if she still loves Mr. Napkin Head!

Obvio no estamos hablando de papas a la francesa.

No existe la vagina "normal".

¿Qué tan bien recuerdas a los personajes de tu caricatura infantil favorita?

¡¡¿¿WTF, Disney??!!

Siempre lo has querido saber y ahora es momento de la verdad.

Hazlo antes de que te tengas que ir a dormir.

Los protagonistas qué. Las verdaderas estrellas son los extras.

Deals at NYX, Kate Spade, H&M, and more!

🎵 Vem chegando o verão, um calor no coração...🎵

Deals on spiralizers, backpacks, blankets, and more!

Zac Efron and Ed Sheeran hung out, T-Pain played The Sims, and more!

I dare you to disagree!

Info BuzzFeed - L'une des femmes qui a accusé le prédicateur Tariq Ramadan de viol, Henda Ayari, avait déclaré avoir coupé les ponts avec lui en juin 2013. La défense de M. Ramadan a pourtant versé au dossier des messages qui auraient été envoyés par la victime présumée en 2014.


Para que no te falten opciones cuando quieras armar un maratón.


Bianca Andrade, a youtuber Boca Rosa, postava no Instagram sobre como mudanças na alimentação a ajudaram a emagrecer.

Could you choose between Lane and Sookie?

Doctors at the Vial refugee camp in Greece have turned to Lyrica, a drug used to treat epilepsy and nerve disorders, as they try to address anxiety and PTSD among the hundreds of people living there.

"I felt do I say this...I felt like Dylan and I were brothers."

Happy birthday, Nicki!

Let it snow!

Fazer xixi no chuveiro. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pode ser útil se você ainda não tiver um.

Savez-vous faire la différence entre une fimbria et une trompe de Fallope ?

Only moms know.

The loveliest gifts for under £10.

New glitter facemasks, winter jackets, and a few other things you can treat yo' self to this month.

We can't promise there won't be any crying babies on your flight—but these products will certainly make your trip much smoother!

What would you give up for ham??

Because they've been very good for a very long week.

El tiempo no pasa en balde, PARA NADIE.

Thousands are protesting over President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which marks a departure from decades of US foreign policy.

It's time to find out.

Peut-être qu'il réfléchira avant de tromper la prochaine fois...

Vive Sein-Nicolas (désolés).


Por favor, não pare de nos convidar para sair porque às vezes recusamos convites ou cancelamos planos.

Weihnachten mit Kindern: Zwar keine STILLE Nacht, aber mit diesen Elternhacks *ein wenig* nervenschonender.

No, no, no, nooooooo!

It wasn't shit for everyone.

The new accounts surfaced after BuzzFeed News published a report in November that questioned John Draper's interactions with young hackers at conventions.

Are you logical or creative?

Das hat das Oberverwaltungsgericht Nordrhein-Westfalen entschieden. „Das Urteil ist erwartbar, aber tragisch für die Betroffenen“, kritisiert der Flüchtlingsrat NRW.

💃 Time to put on your dancing shoes. 💃

Au cours des cinq années qu'il m'a fallu pour remplir ce journal, j'ai changé quatre fois de travail et d'adresse, et je suis passée du statut de très célibataire à très en couple.

Il va falloir arrêter d'avoir l'esprit aussi mal placé.

Il y a tout un monde qui nous entoure.

Festive feels.

Un problème ? Plus de problème.

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a white noise machine, men's dress belt, an instant photo printer, and more!

Alerta: muitas piadas envolvendo "peru".

Após um ataque que matou mais de 300 pessoas em uma mesquita no Egito, moradores locais temem que o Sinai vire o novo campo de batalha da facção terrorista Estado Islâmico.

Ellen Cardoso disse à polícia que as agressões acontecem há sete anos. Após a denúncia, o cantor fez um vídeo no qual chora e diz estar "arrependido e machucado".

Lui Lai Yiu said she hoped that sharing her story would help break the taboo in Chinese culture surrounding topics related to sex.

Oh god, no no no.

The early verdict is in: People are retweeting and liking longer tweets almost twice as much as shorter ones.

"Vollpfosten oder Arschloch wäre irgendwie passender. Bewundere Deine Gelassenheit."

This plot just got a whole lot thicker.

Certaines ont bien changé !

Tiffany Abreu integra o Vôlei Bauru.

Michael Gove has just announced that a family of beavers will be reintroduced into an enclosed part of the Forest of Dean. Experiences elsewhere in Britain suggest this is a really good idea.

Dans la ville, où vivent 330 000 Palestiniens, la décision du président américain intervient dans un climat déjà tendu.

Does Hoggiehaugh mean Hogwarts, Hagrid, or Hogsmeade?

So you agree? You think you're really pretty?



David Davis, Brexit bulldog.

Alexander Dobrindt nennt Martin Schulz einen „Europaradikalen“, aber unter Franz-Josef Strauß war die CSU noch für eine solche Idee.

Sie wischen Popos ab UND sind plötzlich auf der ganzen Welt bekannt!



They like the Gucci, the Prada, the whole enchilada.

"Do you guys even know English?"

Four people have been killed in violence sparked by the decision, which has roiled across the Muslim world.

Keeping up with the Beckhams

She has an explanation as to why the designs are so similar.

McDonald's has apologised over the incident and said it does not have a policy that prevents staff or customers from wearing any religious attire.

Fancy zip-sliding across the Tyne, or visiting a dog café? Come to Newcastle.

"Watching the news and seeing the pain of the Palestinian people makes me cry for the many many generations of Palestine."


Why drink water when you can drink coffee, amirite?



If you bring the merry, I'll bring the Christmas.

'That girl from that show.'

Dashing through the snow, or dashing through the NO?

Lorsqu'il choisit une victime, cet utilisateur crée des dizaines de comptes pour lui envoyer des centaines de messages. Et les réseaux sociaux ne font pas assez pour l'en empêcher.



These gifts are gonna make Wally World look like Disney World.

"'Crush' is a timeless bop." FACTS.

Parce que pourquoi pas.

Die verurteilte Frauenärztin Kristina Hänel kämpft gegen den umstrittenen Paragrafen 219a. Kommende Woche will sie dem Bundestag die Unterschriften übergeben


It's just as beautiful – and cold – as you think.

Because you've always wanted to be a part of an exclusive (book) club.

BuzzFeed News has seen the EU's new draft guidelines, which say the UK will continue to accept all EU rules and responsibilities but will not have a seat at the table.


Que diable faites-vous si vous n'avez pas un hachoir à ail ?




C'est chaud.

Le paradis des rats de bibliothèque.


"Este hombre no tuvo ninguna consideración cuando me agredió... ¿por qué debería ser amable?"

¿Alguna vez has sujetado a tu gato delante del espejo y dicho "mira qué bonito eres"?


"Agar tu mere ko bolega, 'bro jaake chill maar', toh main Aadhaar link karwa dega."




ジョルジュwwwデュブッフwwwww おやwww 失敬wwwww

"We have now made the breakthrough we needed," the commission announced.

Goodbye, "a man and a woman". Hello, "two people".

We could all use a little extra Christmas cash.

"The situation is intolerable and I must now seek vindication of my good name through the courts."

Now that's one cute baby!

Who knew fresh air and wide open spaces were so good for you!

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree.

"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch."

“At the party room on Tuesday I will not seek to continue as LNP leader. It is time for a new generation of LNP leaders.”

Because he's finger-lickin' good.

He's now challenging the decision in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.




Yes, Jeff Goldblum says, "Life finds a way." Does anything else matter?

Let's be honest, Byron Bay is heaven on Earth.

You never know.

Poor rich people.

What's your best quality?

Sen. Al Franken is resigning following sexual misconduct allegations, same-sex marriage has been legalized in Australia, and two of R. Kelly’s homes were robbed while he was on tour.


Nikki Perkins stepped outside the safe bounds of her South Sudanese community and found fame and a career on YouTube. Now she and her husband Jamie are challenging viewers to reconsider what constitutes a “normal” Australian family.




Lando stole Han's look!

He's checking it twice!

Trust us, these are the games you'll want to give as gifts this year.

La víctima, ahora ya un hombre adulto, alega que el cineasta lo arrinconó en una habitación a bordo de un yate en 2003 y lo obligó a practicar sexo oral antes de violarlo.

Urologists unite!


An electric griddle, a cedar-scented candle, a cutting board in the shape of your favorite state, and nineteen other products on Amazon that will solve all your holiday shopping quandaries.

The man alleges that the filmmaker cornered him in a room aboard the yacht in 2003 and forced him to perform oral sex before raping him.

TBH I'm stressed just thinking about this.

An adorable childhood photo of Ryan Reynolds kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

"Her dad fell off a horse into a bunch of cacti and her mom found and rescued him."

Desde escaleras eléctricas hasta la nieve que cae en diciembre.

I wish you'd get out of my life and shut up!

Y'all are crusty AF.

Se trata del personal asignado a la oficina del expresidente Felipe Calderón.

"Our rainbow nation."

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