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22 People Who Did Not Get What They Were Expecting In 2017

Double-check the size. Always.

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1. This guy who just wanted a cute dinosaur pillow.

2. This girl who learnt the number one lesson of online shopping: ALWAYS check the size.

3. And this person's wife who also forgot to check the damn size.

4. This customer who did check the size before ordering, but didn't check the stupidity of their question.

5. This airline passenger who was given a truly terrible meal, even by airline standards. / Getty Images

6. This guy who didn't get the shoes he was expecting.

7. This dog who was still happy with what he received. 💕

8. This girl who didn't expect to be insulted by a necklace.

@halsey hi i ordered your hopeless choker and it says hoelesss i want to Die

9. This uncle or aunt who just wanted a nice birthday cake.

10. And this customer who also received a cake that's nothing to celebrate over.

11. This person who wanted a nice family photo and got, well…a nice family photo.

12. This non-Slender Woman who might have just ordered the wrong size.

seriously ???? do @OfficialPLT think am fucking slenderman

13. And this mechanic who accidentally added an extra "0" to his order size.

14. This mother who just wanted a couple of cold peaches.

My mom told her bf to get her some peaches on the way home & he brought her someone's tree 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

15. This McDonald's customer who somehow managed to order a "no thanks".

16. This online shopper whose glasses were not as advertised.

17. This person who just wanted a nice face mask.

This mask is not as adorable as the package promised.

18. This person who experienced a communication error while ordering a snack.

19. This uncle whose gift didn't look as cute in reality.

20. This person who messed up their pizza order.

My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese. Dead

21. And this customer who had their order declined.


22. And, finally, all the customers who bought this bear.

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