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19 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Probably Never Knew About "Twin Peaks" Until Right Now

"It's yrev, very good to see you again, old friend."

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**Facts for this post have been sourced from the Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series Blu-ray and DVD, which is available in the US Dec. 5. Buy it here!**

1. The first scene Kyle MacLachlan shot for the new season of Twin Peaks was actually as Mr. C. (aka, Coop's evil doppleganger).


2. And MacLachlan's first day of shooting ended up being parts in the second to last episode ("Part 17") of the show.

3. In fact, the entirety of Twin Peaks: The Return was shot completely out of order.

Courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment

This scene above with the Mitchum brothers (which took place closer to the end of the season) was one of the first ones the actors shot together.

4. In real life, the building that's supposed to be the Twin Peaks sheriff's station is actually across the street from what was the Packard Sawmill in the original series.


7. Eamon Farren was so scary as Richard Horne, that a lot of the cast and crew were both horrified and impressed by his performance.

Suzanne Tenner / Showtime, Patrick Wymore / Showtime

On his first day on set, Harry Goaz could hear Eamon's screaming from far away even though he couldn't see the action.

8. Michael Cera did his long speech/monologue in only two takes.

Suzanne Tenner / Showtime

And the second take was just for safety. Also, Cera had expected it to take more like 10 or 12 takes.

9. The back of Wally's moto jacket actually says "BRCM."

Showtime, Columbia Pictures

Which is a play on Marlon Brando's jacket in The Wild One, which has "BRMC" written on it, and stands for the "Black Rebels Motorcycle Club."

10. Interestingly, Carel Strycken (The Fireman) actually filmed scenes inside the Red Room.

Suzanne Tenner / Showtime

But none of these shots made it to the final cut in the show for some reason. (What was he doing there?!)


14. Lynch also likes to call Richard Beymer (aka Ben Horne), "Buster," while Beymer likes to call Lynch "Bucky J."

Courtesy of Showtime

This is maybe a reference to Lynch's uncredited voice work as "Bucky J" in his own film Inland Empire.

15. Sheryl Lee and other cast members who appeared in the Red Room would use an iPhone to practice their lines backwards.

Suzanne Tenner / Showtime

They'd record their lines normally, then play it backwards to learn how they had to say it backwards.

18. This particularly freaky part where Laura Palmer flies out of the Red Room was shot by Lynch himself.


He simply held a DSLR camera and rapidly shook it back and forth while panning down.

19. And finally, MacLachlan's first day on set for Twin Peaks: The Return was September 28, 2015.

Courtesy of CBS Home Entertainment

Which means it's been OVER TWO YEARS since the magic began.


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