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    Just 19 People Who Failed Spectacularly


    1. Whoever's selling this spunoW.

    2. Whoever manufactured this trophy.

    3. Whoever made this sign.

    4. Whoever designed this maze.

    5. Whoever placed these signs.

    6. Whoever forgot what giraffes look like.

    7. Whoever doesn't practice what their 18-wheeler preaches.

    8. Whoever wrote this article.

    9. Whoever wrote this sign.

    10. Whoever installed this fan.

    11. Whoever assembled this Pikachu.

    12. Whoever made this toy for children. COME ON.

    13. Whoever's selling these steaming hot funnel cakes.

    14. Whoever designed this bike path.

    15. Whoever fastened this sign.

    16. Whoever's never had orange juice.

    17. Whoever named this coffee shop.

    18. Whoever labeled this.

    19. And whoever wants to bowhunt Jesus.