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December 29, 2017

11 Tech Heroes Of 2017 Who Aren’t CEOs

Meet the plebes among us who did something that changed the tech industry, spoke truth to power in a remarkable way that effected real change, or just made the world a little more interesting.

Meet The Loneliest Rhino In The World

Humans have all but eradicated the northern white rhinoceros from the planet. Sudan, the last male northern white rhinoceros on Earth, is the last hope to bring the species back.

Dire que vous êtes désolé ne suffit plus

Si entendre les excuses de tous ces hommes qui ont harcelé ou violé des femmes nous épuise, c'est peut-être parce que pardonner demande plus d'efforts que de demander pardon.

17 fatos que aprendemos em 2017

"Cleópatra viveu em uma época mais próxima da invenção do Snapchat do que da construção da Grande Pirâmide de Gizé".

Our 17 Biggest Investigations Of 2017

An innocent man freed after 23 years behind bars. Russian assassinations. Psychiatric hospitals beset by violence. Sexual assault at America's largest massage chain. Shadowy CIA contractors. And, yes, Donald Trump.

Flash Briefing For December 29, 2017

Doug Jones has been certified as the winner of the Alabama Senate race, despite Roy Moore’s attempts to discredit the election. Leaked notes from Milo Yiannopolis’s manuscript, and a summary of fake news in 2017.

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