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21 People Who Had A Bad 2017, And Will Probably Have A Worse 2018

Let's call it a year. We'll try again in 2018.

1. The driver of this convertible:

2. This egg conveyor specialist who looked away for just a minute or two:

3. This overly ambitious concrete pourer:

4. This pilot, whose head is still probably spinning:

5. The master craftsman behind this electrical job:

6. This driver living a post-door lifestyle:

7. This delivery driver who went the extra mile:

8. This guy, who hopefully got his grocery shopping done the day before:

9. This extra-special SpecOps unit:

10. This guy who had to deal with cocoa-lateral damage:

11. This log hauler who probably dropped a log himself when this happened to him:

12. Whoever is responsible for this very big and very expensive game of dominoes:

13. Whoever attempted this at-home tree removal:

14. This handyman who struck gold. Or at least a water line:

15. This plumber who had a couple extra pipes left over:

16. Whoever installed this halftime clock:

17. Whoever decided to run this drier on its hottest setting:

18. This proud owner of a submarine:

19. This person and their drinking problem:

20. This painter who didn't think his project through:

21. And this guy who messed with the wrong bus drivers:

This post was translated from German.