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These Photos Of A Frozen Niagara Falls Are Breathtaking

I'm cold just looking at these photos.

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While cold weather sucks for humans, it's pretty freaking awesome for nature. This week a few brave souls dared to go outside to visit Niagara Falls and honestly the photos look like something out of a Disney movie.

@arjsun / Via

Can you believe this is real??

@adamrdanni / Via

Anyone else getting Elsa vibes?

@punkodelish / Via

Seventeen degree weather doesn't seem so bad when you have a view like this.

@liliannnchang / Via

Hey there, Narnia called and they want their snow back.


I'm pretty sure even TLC wouldn't have a problem with you chasing this waterfall.

@georgina1224 / Via

Do you ever stop and take a moment to mourn the fact that you'll never be as beautiful as nature? Because I have multiple times today.

@rachelrluo / Via

Just imagine sipping a cup of hot chocolate and taking in this view.

@mctullis / Via