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17 Observations British People Cannot Argue With

Louis Theroux is a national treasure.

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1. There's only one way to introduce your mates:

2. And only one way to deal with politics:

3. Louis Theroux is a national treasure:

louis theroux could do a documentary about tescos tinned peaches n i’d still be in the group chat like this is fuckin mad can u believe this

4. The only way to avoid awkward situations is to be awkward:

[pretending to be on the phone as guy with clipboard approaches me] "What do you mean I already do too much for charity?"

5. Our sense of humour is hard to match:

6. And we're all born with the ability to take the piss:

Liam Payne - get you a man who can do neither

7. Everyone hates a snobby DJ:

How shite is it at a gaff when some techno guru is hoggin the tunes, and giez you a look of perpetual hate at the mere mention of Abba

8. You should never forget the garlic bread:

Mum forgot to do Garlic Bread with tea, more like chilli con cannot be arsed, Jane.

9. Because garlic bread is the best thing in the world:

garlic bread. this is a food worthy of the upmost appreciation. a crunchy ciabatta, sliced evenly and coated genero…

10. Being a good friend means doing shit like this:

11. Londoners get it the worst but are also the worst:

londoner: hi northerner: hiGH like your house prices 😂😂 honestly you couldn't pay me to live in london 🙅🙅 enjoy your smog-infested bubble 👋🏻

12. Because they do shit like this:

13. Fish fingers should be a main bloody course:

I hate when I see fish fingers on the kids menu why is it for kids they're for everyone

14. British people invented passive-aggressive:

This is the most passive aggressive thing i've seen in a while

15. And we know how to be resourceful where it counts:

False eyelashes always getting wrecked shoving them in ur bag?? Go treat urself to a kinder egg ur welcome ladies x

16. Gemma Collins is the hero we didn't know we needed:

Gemma Collins saying SO GIRLZ is literally what fuels my existence and gives me the energy and motivation I need to function each day

17. But chocolate digestives are the unsung hero of our nation:

Chocolate digestives are the unsung hero of the biscuit world, no in it for the fame, just keeps its heed down and does the job