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15 Tweets That Prove Zendaya Is The Best Part Of "The Greatest Showman"

All hail our new trapeze queen.

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So The Greatest Showman is finally out in theaters and not to spoil anything, but basically Zendaya steals the damn show.

Well I finally saw The Greatest Showman, and I can safely say that @Zendaya was the best thing about it.

@IsaiahLilBear / Via Twitter: @IsaiahLilBear

Zendaya and Zac Efron singing a duet together is what Disney Channel dreams are made of.

you after watching the greatest showman: wow that duet between zac efron and zendaya about overcoming institutional…

@gabebergado / Via Twitter: @gabebergado

Seriously, their duet deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

zac efron and zendaya’s “rewrite the stars” scene in the greatest showman deserves a grammy and an oscar and every award thats ever existed

@mynameslibrary / Via Twitter: @mynameslibrary

I'm pretty sure the song "Rewrite the Stars" has magical powers.

When Zac Efron and Zendaya sang Rewrite the Stars I literally died in the theater

@WhereIsEmma / Via Twitter: @WhereIsEmma

Oh and Zendaya's acting?? Give that girl a damn Oscar.

If you still think Zendaya cannot act after seeing The Greatest Showman then you seriously have some kind of person…

@spideysunwin / Via Twitter: @spideysunwin

This movie proves Zendaya is a triple threat that cannot be touched.

Zendaya rage dancing in The Greatest Showman On Earth is honestly my mood for 2018.

@delaknee / Via Twitter: @delaknee

I mean, none of us have done anything good enough to deserve Zendaya's talents.

This Christmas season I want to say that I’m thankful for zendaya who is perfect in every way thank you

@thenickbegs / Via Twitter: @thenickbergs

Honestly the movie could just be 90 minutes of Zendaya on a trapeze and I would still pay to see it over and over again.

when @Zendaya was on screen during ‘the greatest showman’ my mom leaned over and whispered, “i hope God gives you someone as pretty as her.”

@fousey / Via Twitter: @fousey

Zendaya singing her heart out to Zac Efron while spinning in the air defies all sexualities.

tbh my hottest take on The Greatest Showman is that @Zendaya is the most beautiful person alive and her + @ZacEfron…

@AlyssaDZaczek / Via Twitter: @AlyssaDZaczek

Seriously Zac and Zendaya are the new Disney star dream team.

You: Zac & Vanessa in HSM Me, an intellectual: Zac & Zendaya in The Greatest Showman

@wckdstiles24 / Via Twitter: @wckdstiles24

Can you really blame anyone who falls in love with Zendaya at first sight?

also, Zac Efron's character falls in love with Zendaya the second he sees her and honestly that is such a mood

@LaurenGarmany / Via http://ttps://Twitter: @LaurenGarmany

This is Zendaya's world and we're just lucky we get to be a part of it.

zendaya I’m the greatest showman fucked me up on so many levels she’s a mf queen and deserves all the awards for her performance

@dylnmxrvel / Via Twitter: @dylnmxrvel

She literally swooped in on her trapeze to save 2017.

zac efron and zendaya singing a duet while doing a trapeze dance saved 2017 and that’s a fact

@_laurengrace_ / Via Twitter: @_laurengrace_

Oh, and she BETTER be in more films come 2018. It's what she deserves.

in 2017 i was lured into seeing two movies cause @Zendaya was in them and they were both SO GOOD so moral of the st…

@elisaw99 / Via Twitter: @elisaw99

Moral of the story, sees The Greatest Showman once:

@ihatejoelkim / Via Twitter: @ihatejoelkim
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