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18 Secrets People Who Married Young Wanna Spill

Listen up!

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1. Sometimes we *do* wonder what it would have been like if we waited to get married.


2. But that doesn't mean we regret getting married young.


I know plenty of older married people who get the same feelings.

3. When you ask us "why" we got married, we know what you're trying to say.


4. You actually want to know if we're having a baby...


5. ...or super religious...


6. ...or needed a visa.


7. And we always want to respond with, "MAYBE WE JUST LOVE EACH OTHER, OK?"


8. We're kind of over the shocked faces when we tell people we're married.


9. So sometimes we might not even mention it until later.


10. Plenty of us were not virgins when we got married, so we hate it when you ask if we ever really took advantage of being single.


11. We hate that people think we don't want to party just because we're shacked up.


12. And we hate that we ALWAYS seem like a package deal.


If you're inviting me to your wedding, I get it — invite us both! But it's not like I can't go on vacations WITHOUT my husband, y'all.

13. While you think we might grow apart, we went into this thinking we'd grow together.


14. And we don't really think being in a marriage is "holding us back."

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15. We get tired of people thinking we eloped because there's no way our families would understand.

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16. Yes, some of our marriage problems stem from us being young.

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17. But we work at our marriages just like any other couple.


Honestly, you can be immature in relationships at ANY age.

18. And finally, every young married couple is different! Please stop lumping us all into one group.

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