Get ready for emoji hearing aids, service animals, and prosthetic limbs.

Ellen Cushing • 10 months ago

Jenner welcomed her baby on Feb. 1, she confirmed on Twitter.

Michael Blackmon • 11 months ago

"It is breathtakingly horrible," a county official said. "Our community is going through something it has never gone through."

Jim Dalrymple II • One year ago

All the innovations, apps, hacks, habits, gadgets, and robovacuums that made our lives a little better this year.

Ellen Cushing • One year ago

"We must learn to forgive and resolve contradictions, real or perceived, in a comradely Zimbabwean spirit," the 93-year-old president said in a highly anticipated address to the nation in which he failed to stand aside.

Tamerra Griffin • One year ago

Sen. Bob Corker said Sunday night that the president "would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation.”

Ellen Cushing • One year ago

More than 800 people were injured as police clashed with people voting in a contested independence referendum Sunday. Officials said early Monday that 90% of the votes were cast in favor of independence.

Rose Troup Buchanan • One year ago

Twice on Monday, internet services said they wouldn't host the Daily Stormer over a post about Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman killed in Charlottesville on Saturday.

Kevin Collier • One year ago

WARNING: Do not stare directly into these jokes.

Virginia Hughes • One year ago

God Bless America!

Ellen Cushing • One year ago

"Hands down one of the greatest guys that I have ever met."

Ellen Cushing • One year ago

All the apps, hacks, habits, and products that made our lives a little better in 2016.

Ellen Cushing • 2 years ago

Second verse, same as the first.

Ellen Cushing • 2 years ago

Tales from the clean-up crew for tech company overflow.

Nitasha Tiku • 3 years ago

Protests broke out in US cities, starting on the West Coast, after Trump was elected president.

Ellen Cushing • 2 years ago

"Keep toeing the line that Hillary’s a criminal," one supporter urged.

Priya Anand • 2 years ago

"Find me someone who hasn't cheated on their taxes."

Ellen Cushing • 2 years ago

The former Stanford swimmer's lenient sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman sparked national outrage.

Ellen Cushing • 2 years ago

What could draw 2,000 people to a battery factory in Reno, Nevada, in the middle of the summer? Elon Musk, of course.

Ellen Cushing • 2 years ago

Twelve officers were shot, five of them fatally, Thursday by a lone gunman, police said.

Francis Whittaker • 2 years ago