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December 5, 2017

The House voted to kill Rep. Al Green's motion to begin impeachment proceedings. Fifty-eight Democrats voted to move forward, despite Democratic leadership saying "now is not the time" to try to remove Trump from office.

Only read this post if you've got a lot of time on your hands.

A day after President Trump slashed two national monuments in Utah, the Interior Department announced plans to alter two more in the West.

Ian Conyers says he wants to run for the seat of former Rep. John Conyers. John Conyers Jr. says he wants his son, John Conyers III, to run. John Conyers III has gone dark on social media. Other Democrats in Detroit say it’s worth keeping an eye on a local council member named Mary Sheffield.

Well, that's one way to procrastinate.

It's starting to feel a lot like shade-mas.

The ACT senator has agreed to send herself to the High Court to stop government attacks on her eligibility to sit in parliament.

J. Hawilla disse que recebeu comissão pelo patrocínio da Nike e repassou metade para Ricardo Teixeira, então presidente da CBF. A empresa diz que coopera com as autoridades.

Books for your friends who love fantasy, romance, sci-fi, and more!

Stuff *almost* as awesome as an all-expenses-paid getaway.

¿Qué hicimos para merecer esta bendición?

“I did not think this would happen and that I’d have to wear it," the college student told BuzzFeed News.

Doug Jones' comments Tuesday were some of his most pointed against the Alabama Republican.

"Umm...I love this theory. It's 100 percent false."

What a story, Mark.

It's time to deck the halls.

RIP our hair.

Where do you fit in the Peace Corps?

Our culture today sees an increasing number of people purchase fashion online. While I respect its convenience, I personally enjoy the experience of trying clothes and ensuring I have the right fit. However, gone are the days where my time could be spent to traipse around boutiques for hours or acquiring fashion for the sake of acquisition.

Pregnancy іs а bliss but іt bесоmeѕ а headache whеn yоu dо nоt wаnt tо conceive а child аt аn early age. It beсоmеs quitе difficult tо thіnk аbout pregnancy whеn уou arе nоt prepared mentally tо tаke thе responsibility оf а child. Unplanned pregnancies uѕuаllу сauѕе manу concerns related tо body, work, professional career аnd mental stress. Whеn уоu аre nоt stable іn уour personal life аnd thіngs arе nоt gоing wеll аt уоur financial level thеn it’s nоt а good decision tо hаvе а baby. Sometіmеs women avoid unplanned pregnancy whеn thеу аrе toо young tо conceive. Yоu neеd tо bе vеrу careful aѕ wеll aѕ takе varіоuѕ precautions tо avert pregnancy аnd protect yourѕelf frоm sudden pregnancy. People wаnt tо mаke love аnd enjoy intercourse wіthout аnу fear оf gеttіng pregnant іn а natural way. Yоu neеd tо knоw abоut yоur periods аnd menstrual date аnd accuracy tо calculate safe period tо avert pregnancy. Calculating periods іѕ thе bеst аnd natural wау tо avoid pregnancy іn а natural way. Thеrе іѕ а specific wау tо calculate thе menstrual period dates аnd уou cаn dо іt easily. Yоu neеd tо read furthеr tо knоw hоw tо calculate уour periods аnd avoid pregnancy іn аll ways:

Prepare to wince.

If you can get a 3/6 on this quiz then you can call yourself a true Peter Pan fan.

"Chicken nuggets is like my family."

Because, let's face it, no one wants to go to 10 ugly Christmas sweater contests this year.

Presents for all the babies, toddlers, and kids that are already way cooler than you.

Rudy is basically a carbon copy of Sonny, and you can never have enough Sonny.

Unsurprisingly featuring some of K-Pop's biggest groups.

The Irish border question has emboldened the party's pro-Remain faction, threatening a brutal internal row over the terms of Brexit.

Your opinions on these highly debated fashion questions will reveal whether you are more like a radian or a degree!

Summer Zervos, who accused Trump of groping her, sued him for defamation after he called allegations against him lie. Trump's lawyers on Tuesday argued he is too busy as president to participate in the lawsuit.

“me?? using sarcasm as a defense mechanism??? no way??”

Find out your spirit professor

What's in your immediate future?

KT McFarland was on her way to becoming the new US ambassador to Singapore, but senators say a new report is raising questions about whether she was totally honest with the committee that voted on her nomination.

“Safety of cast and crew come first," tweeted the S.W.A.T. writers. "Prayers to all affected by these fires.”

Take this quiz to find out who you should study with based on your study habits.

With only a couple more days left of class and finals on the way, you probably need to take this quiz to fully understand your feelings towards PA school!!! (The fact that I spent the time making this instead of studying, kinda tells you mine...)

Find out

Take this quiz to find out which of your favorite intramural refs you are!

Chicharrón de la Ramos > todo lo demás.

Tell us your opinion on these hotly debated topics and we'll tell you whether you're more like a raidan or a degree!

It wasn't them.

Halifax gonna Halifax.

Ao longo da História, poucas mulheres tiveram a oportunidade de ter voz. Poucas puderam expressar livremente suas opiniões políticas, étnicas ou religiosas. As que tiveram a oportunidade, exerceram com maestria. Escolhemos algumas mulheres que expressaram a sua voz com maestria.

I havent even looked at primary teeth yet

Do you remember the 2015 holiday song: “Broke for Christmas”? The title pretty much sums it up how almost everyone’s wallet looks like during the holiday season, because it is practically impossible to get everyone you know nice gifts and still have enough money to make it through December. However, you are not the only one giving gifts this season, and if you do your research you will see there are a lot of giveaways that can help you earn some great prizes. Here are some of them.

You are keep all of this for yourself, okay?


Let's see what happens when you actually have it your way.

"It's good for corporate America. It's good for us."

Boxes full of wine, whiskey, cheesecake, vegan, and gluten-free goodies, and more!

We're here to tell you that your chic winter wedding can be just as lush and floral-filled as your BFF's spring soiree. Read on for 17 jaw-dropping winter wedding bouquets that will convince you to get married in the coldest season.

Tell us!

Vainas raras.

Say goodbye to that paycheck...and HELLO LEMME HUG YOU to all your cuddly new friends!



Desde cartón, hasta ramas, libros y cachos de madera. No hay límites para tu creatividad navideña.

They're random and they don't care who knows it.

These gifts are ALL practically petty.

You deserve a vacation!

Gravações apresentadas no julgamento do caso Fifa revelam prática de pagar propina a cartolas em troca de contratos multimilionários.

(And maybe some for yourself, too.)

DeVry University is losing students and burning through cash so fast that it has become a liability.

Um tuíte que mostrava uma câmera escondida encontrada em um imóvel do Airbnb viralizou e reacendeu o debate sobre imóveis compartilhados e privacidade.

Professor X has a new superpower: Thicc-ness.

This month is a time to give thanks and get ready for the end of the semester! Here we show you the Top-5 November Instagram Posts that showcase the beauty of our campuses as the weather changes! Want to be featured in next month's list? Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @universityatbuffalo and tag us in your photos using #UBuffalo!

Half bought + half homemade = one perfect and thoughtful gift.

E pelo jeito ele já desencanou de reclamar.

"Será que eu não posso ter UM SEGUNDO de paz nessa casa?"

O sea, ¿cómo voy a tener un aval si no nací aquí?

The ingredients were shipped to space in an Orbital ATK capsule.

The hit song started a dance party in the subway for MTA riders

The penalty comes as the result of a lengthy investigation into a Kremlin-sponsored doping scheme. Some Russian athletes may be allowed to participate as individuals.

Timothy Heller, ex-amiga da cantora, conta que vivia uma amizade abusiva com Melanie e que, por duas noites seguidas, a cantora insistiu para elas transarem.

Justice Anthony Kennedy was at the center of the debate — and likely will be the key to the court's decision in the most closely watched case of the Supreme Court's term so far.

America First Policies will air TV ads in Arizona thanking Jeff Flake and John McCain for their support on the tax bill.

And we still don't know what's up with pluto.

Assim, um boneco bem profissional para este verão.

Deixa com a gente, resto do mundo.

Você faz a unha, compra vasilhas para a sua cozinha e ainda pendura a conta.

A scientific investigation.

Tara Lett performs her original Christmas song, CHRISTMAS PARTY! She is joined by Santa and his Elves, Rudolph and a V. Special Nutcracker!

The changes come after a BuzzFeed News investigation that found more than 180 women had reported sexual assault at Massage Envy spas.

No necesitas tener mucha experiencia para preparar estos deliciosos platillos.

Lady-Tested, Lady-Can You Believe It????

Você já deu bronca nela por motivos parecidos aos que faziam VOCÊ levar bronca quando era mais nova.

High School is a stressful time between Classes, Practice, and maintaining a Social life. College and choosing a major is the last thing anyone wants to think about. Well here are some reasons why High Schoolers might want to add Physical Therapy to your college plans!

Billions of Christians advocate for sermons. So why shouldn’t a few of us advocate for open sharing instead? What God is doing inside of you is important. You need to be allowed to share it! ... by Steve Simms

No one at the Republican National Committee wants their name attached to stories about how the party is spending money to help Moore win an Alabama Senate seat after he was accused of inappropriate behavior with teens. “Oh man,” said one RNC ally. “It’s embarrassing.”

["Cabinet secretary with a Falcon" siren wails]

Sem café não tem a menor chance de você trabalhar como um ser humano normal. Com café ninguém te segura!!!

I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Conferir se o esmalte secou pressionando *suavemente* uma das suas unhas e acabar deixando uma impressão digital nela.

Answer these questions to find out if you can be Erin's next suitor.

Avaliação negativa triplicou e se igualou à de Haddad nos protestos de 2013.

"Não quero começar 2018 brigada com ninguém, então se você tiver algum problema comigo por favor morra".

The Michigan Democrat's announcement follows a BuzzFeed News investigation revealing multiple allegations of sexual harassment against the congressman and a secret settlement to keep one staffer quiet.

"¡No a la militarización!", es su consigna.

This week on our blog, our creator Haley Warner will share her testimony and share how she became 'Blonde and Forgiven.'

Brownies: sim ou não?

Give me all the fried food.

Because life hasn't been the same since.

A group of 18 media companies argue that forcing the journalist who made the Laquan McDonald shooting video public to testify in court would violate the reporter's rights.

Your inner turmoil isn't *that* unique, sorry.

WHY. Warning: spoilers ahead.

¿Puedes ubicar Coyoacán en el mapa?

Alan Hidalgo a well versed marketing entrepreneur who has become a lead generation authority.

Ras Al Khaimah is the northern most Emirate and one of seven that makes up the United Arab Emirates. RAK is roughly a 60-90 minute drive from the city of Dubai and can be accessed by the 311 and the 611.

"The walls we have now work. The walls we're asking for are going to help us do better."

Hold onto your loonies and toonies.

Turns out Tonya Harding never actually said one of the rudest things in the film.

Here's the stuff I swear by.

Deals on ugly Christmas sweaters, kitchen accessories, furniture, and more!

It was sheer pandemonium in Kiev on Tuesday as supporters of Mikheil Saakashvili refused to let the police cart him away.

proceed with caution

Could really have done without the Andy Murray sausage wean, tbh.

Who doesn't enjoy the occasional episode of Bargain Hunt?

O atual presidente da CBF, Marco Polo Del Nero, e seus antecessores Ricardo Teixeira e José Maria Marin são acusados de receber propina em troca de contratos. Eles negam.

How prevalent is sexual harassment at your job? We crunched a ton of information — and it’s still just the tip of the iceberg.

"It is just very well-paid TV people who seem to be horrified at the idea of living anywhere apart from London," one Whitehall source said.

You've been putting this off for far too long.

And how you can join the fun!

See above.

Seulement des ingrédients que vous pouvez prononcer.

Ve apartando la primera semana de Febrero para ver Altered Carbon.

Una investigación de BuzzFeed España.

Katzen sind solchen Diven.

Muito difícil ser sempre ofuscado pelo outro aniversariante do mês.


More people are sharing their “Me Too” stories, but a backlash has been brewing at colleges across the country, with accused students filing defamation suits against women who say they were assaulted.


Un tweet montrant une caméra cachée dans un Airbnb relance le débat sur les procédures de contrôle de la plateforme et le respect de la vie privée des utilisateurs.

Aquí tienes 110, pero hay más.

As your high school finals are approaching, we bet you're wondering what college finals are like. Illinois State offers many resources to help keep students at low stress and to help them ace those exams! Check out the article to learn more about the resources we provide!

Not everybody can be Gryffindor or Slytherin after all.

PSDB decide amanhã se fecha questão sobre a Previdência

That 'get shit done' friend.

Whoa, genius.

Essays about fanfic, cosplay, GOT fan forums, and more.

The Department of Education and Department of Health have pledged £300 million to improve mental health support for schoolchildren – but it will be rolled out only to a "fifth to a quarter" of schools by 2023.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk wants to ship his red Tesla roadster to Mars orbit on the first launch of a new jumbo rocket in January. He seems to be serious.

Os piores.

Chihuahua es del tamaño del Reino Unido.

Essayer d'avoir huit heures de sommeil en quatre heures.

Changing Twitter's country of origin to Germany or France filters out some Britain First retweets.

It might not even be winter.

Sledding and hot cocoa sounds pretty good to me!

Eagle Dumpster Rental service

Including an overnight gel that will banish blemished skin and leave you fresh as a daisy.

Et soyez honnête ! Le Père Noël n'aime pas les menteurs.

Well this is very interesting.

Sem rótulos, sem problemas.

"Let's leave my child out of this."

Des choix impossibles qu'il va pourtant falloir faire.

I never desired to have a full time job that would keep me stuck in an office all day. As soon as I graduated from UCLA, I made it my plan to pursue acting and travel the world.

Les sprays pour oreiller sont assez peu utiles, malheureusement.

"My room may smell like poop in the morning, I know that because I have diarrhea."

People have a lot of questions they want answered.

The Michigan Democrat's announcement follows a BuzzFeed News investigation revealing multiple allegations of sexual harassment against the congressman and a secret settlement to keep one staffer quiet.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Strong winds of more than 50 mph are pushing the flames toward Santa Paula and Ventura northwest of Los Angeles, forcing more than 7,000 people from their homes.

They tried. They really tried.

See these films again through new eyes.

Because we tried them for you in November!

Das oberste Verfassungsgericht in Wien hat ein historisches Urteil gefällt: Bis 2019 muss die Regierung die Ehe für alle legalisieren.

A new report from a former terrorism law reviewer found that intelligence about Salman Abedi had been received by MI5, the significance of which "was not fully appreciated at the time".

Posiblemente el único examen que vayas a aprobar este cuatrimestre.

I don't need to tell you that it has been a ridiculous year.

One person's trash is another person's nightmare!

Almost as good as Eggos.

Aquí te decimos los nombres de los 205 servidores públicos y donde trabajan.

The branch told BuzzFeed News that they are looking into the matter.

Looking for something chocolatey this Christmas season? Check out these 26 Dark Chocolate Desserts that are made using only natural sweeteners such as dates, honey, maple syrup, & coconut sugar.

Four women have alleged Masterson raped them violently, dating back to the early 2000s.

"A situação provocada pelos agressores deixa evidente a presença do ódio contra os LGBT e os trabalhadores que ali prestam serviço a essa população", disse a Secretaria de Direitos Humanos da prefeitura, em nota.

Sarcastic? Me? Never.

União e Ministério Público tentam condenar o ex-presidente num caso de improbidade administrativa envolvendo o falecido PC Farias.

União e Ministério Público tentam condenar o ex-presidente num caso de improbidade administrativa envolvendo o falecido PC Farias.

Todos nós amamos os deuses, não? Quer dizer... Nyx não ama... Mas a gente ama ela também!

É possível deixar tudo isso para trás.

In a statement via Twitter, Melanie Martinez said that Timothy Heller "never said no to what we chose to do together."


Was it a year full of kinks in the road?

Enter your postcode to search for ways to help people nearby.

"If my parents ask we haven't found out our grades yet."

Technology seems to move everything in the corporate world. With the appropriate technology, your business can cut costs and improve in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The next private message you send just might lead you to your future spouse


Hi! My name is Laura, I’m 34 and live in the Netherlands. Since puberty, I've had experienced depression and have gone through periods of time dealing with a lot of anxiety. About twice a year, my brain tries to convince me that everything outside my bed is dangerous and that I'm not worthy of being alive. I will not let my illness define me and so in these past twenty years I've learned how to deal with my mood swings and I hope others can learn from my experiences. My hope is to make the lives of people with depression a bit lighter.

É daqueles que adora um comercial e tá sempre antenado às marcas? Então mostra pra gente que você entende do negócio. =)

So etwas wie eine normal aussehende Vagina gibt es nicht.

This drama will honestly never end.

This dollhouse I designed myself, after watching English-language videos and diy-projects on the Internet. Necessary materials: osb(plywood), hot glue, gouache, lacquer. From the tools you need: electric saw, drill, ruler, pencil, sandpaper. The cost of the house is $ 3 for lighting. The rest I had. Although it's not the price. I just wanted to make a gift for my daughter. It's not so difficult, but so nice! Share a part of your soul with your child! Make a doll house with your own hands!

Two allegations of sexual harassment have been leveled at the actor.

La mairie de Paris voulait faire déménager la bibliothèque Marguerite-Durand. Devant la polémique, elle vient cependant d'annoncer le maintien de la bibliothèque dans ses locaux.


London's not cheap.

"I can see clearly that the words I used reinforced offensive stereotypes, and that there is no context which would justify such remarks," the presenter said in a statement.

Los premios de la crítica españoles anuncian quién competirá por las estatuilla del zorro el 22 de enero.

Wenn du nicht wenigstens eine Eggo-Tätowierung hast, kannst du dich wirklich als Fan bezeichnen?

"He terminado el libro que estaba leyendo, voy a empezar unas bragas".

Bueno, casi todos.

Here they are: the most popular tweets in the world.

Hundreds evacuate raging wildfires in California

Gram teraz w Naruto Online, moją ulubioną postacią jest Naruto. Jest śmieszny i jednocześnie ma wspaniały, silny charakter. Gram teraz w Naruto Online, moją ulubioną postacią jest Naruto. Grając z tą postacią mam wrażenie, że jesteśmy razem kompanami -uwielbiam grę Naruto Online.

So bäckst du wie ein Profi.

There’s nothing quite like meeting people in person – and exhibiting at trade shows can be a fantastic way of meeting customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the most out of the experience.



Das Schlimmste.

In this post, we'll look at the most important rooms in modern homes, and ask how vendors can leverage this information to help sell their property?

We're on a curiosity voyage with these pictures.

Obwohl es jetzt ein Gesetz dafür gibt. „Für mich geht das Spielchen so lange weiter, bis ich nicht mehr da bin.“


"Ya puestos podrían haber escrito en la faja: 'Murakami con tetas'".

Strong winds caused multiple fires to explode Monday night and Tuesday morning, forcing more than 150,000 people to evacuate and prompting the California governor to declare a state of emergency.

Advertencia: viene un hombre lobo cañón.



Creo que tengo que mirarme la vista o algo. Me está costando diferenciar estas cosas.

Whether you were naughty or nice this year, wouldn't you want your dream guy to be on the dinner menu?

Take this quiz to find out if you are really a Singaporean.



These aren't the worst but they are still pretty degrading.

"I accept that I have been unable to produce the request notice of renunciation with respect to the United Kingdom."

Revolutionizing the beauty industry, RAEKA Beauty features the World's First and Only Turmeric Peel Facial mask to provide you instant smooth skin.

"I have no hesitation in saying there are women in Australia who needlessly die or are harmed due to this drug."

And how those kids shaped their views on marriage equality.

"We don't all look the same."

Driving a car is an amazing experience and every beginner things that they can drive the car all by themselves. Confidence is good, but there is certain car driving tips that should be kept in mind so that things do not get out of hand. We have made a note of the tips below, and we hope it will have an impact on every person who is still in the learning stages of their driving lessons.

please not Alex please not Alex

In einem EU-Flüchtlingslager wird "Lyrica" eingesetzt: ein Medikament, das abhängig machen kann. Mittlerweile gibt es Missbrauch, Dealer und einen Schwarzmarkt.

Ever wondered which member of the pussy palace you most identity with? Take this quiz to find out!

An Advertisement can skip logic but it should be eye catching. Zomato took it way too seriously!

If you're an aunt or an uncle, this article describes you perfectly.

we call boys "lemons" with technology, but we still call ourselves lemons....because...idk?

"It's valid to think it's creepy that there's a naked man staring at you while you pee."

Been thinking a lot today...

These pizza toppings are definitely on the naughty list. Find out what pizza gift you will get this Holiday.

Can you tell the difference between the mainland Chinese version of a dish and the American version? Pick which one you think is the original!

Welcome to the Shark Tank!

The Supreme Court is allowing Trump’s third try at a travel ban to go into effect, Trump is slashing two national monuments in the largest reduction of public land protections in US history, Facebook’s Messenger Kids, and “House of Cards” Season 6 will continue without Kevin Spacey.

"Having had so much feedback from people in terrible pain, to see the prime minister gloating and taking credit was a little bit hard to swallow."

Ever wondered which member of SLT 2k17 you are? Well now is your time to find out!

Freshman Girls 2017

Have your breakfast in dread! [This is for the LA Rotational Fellowship.]

"It's called Great Ideas II because you only get two great ideas for the entire semester." -Ancient Proverb

They're all so yummy!

Yeah, I'm the only one on the lease. Who's asking?

The National Institute of Justice found several factors that are known to increase risk of sexual assault. Take the quiz below to assess your risk of sexual assault. This is part of a comprehensive project for the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A decade after 20-year-old Sydney man Matthew Leveson went missing, the NSW coroner delivered an open finding on the cause of his death.

Who knew a quick little trim could turn into such a big ordeal for IMPACT Wrestling's Ray Steele.


Dreams have been a fascination for humans all across the world for centuries. The content of people's dreams may vary in detail but can be very similar in substance. Out of the hundreds of unanswered questions about dreams, two that are constantly pondered are "Why do so many people experience such similar dreams, and what do they mean?"

Funniest Pets of the Week Compilation December 2017 - Best Funny Pets Video . Try not to laugh or grin while watching this video! Thanks for watching! Please like, share and subscribe to The Top Vines channel!!!

Hilarious Blue & Gold Macaw Talking - Funny Pets Video 2017. Funniest Bird videos compilation. Please subscribe our channel FunnyAnimals help us like, share this video! Thank you very much :) :) :)

Alguns sempre acharam ele bonito, mas agora está difícil negar.

Mike Farris hated the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision, and he loudly ridiculed Donald Trump's run for president. But now he’s taken a big gay wedding cake case all the way to the Supreme Court, vying for a major victory in the fight against gay rights. And the Trump administration is supporting him in court.

Holidays, New Years Resolutions, bikini season, weddings, and other special occasions leave us bouncing back and forth, striving to be healthy for a temporary amount of time. We reach a goal or the special occasion passes, and we find ourselves right back where we started. Back and forth we go — hence the term yo-yo diet. (Don’t worry, this isn’t another dieting post. I promise.) Why temporary? What if…bear with me now…we avoided the rebound altogether? That would require preventing the burnout that leads to the rebound, as well. Can you see the lightbulb idea above my head, yet?! I present to you — drum roll please — seven hacks on how to be fit for life! These seven hacks will involve a few questions, a little digging, and slowly shift our thinking; which in turn, will change our life to a maintainable healthy lifestyle. So, let’s do this!

This is by far the hardest NBA autographs quiz you will ever take.

Cranberry bliss all day long, from breakfast to dinner!


My selfies were amazing, but also I lived in constant fear?

The company plans to have over 10,000 content moderators on staff by the end of 2018, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said.

Oral arguments are on Tuesday.

Because extroverts aren't all the same.

Descubra aqui o seu lvl de fodido. [Baseado em ações estúpidas de players]

A woman who says she consensually dated the Alabama Senate candidate when she was 17 says she has evidence to prove Moore is lying about not dating teenagers.

In a world where identity is everything and everywhere, it is hard deciding how we wish to perform and present these identities in different societal spheres. Our decisions to choose which identities to present over others, to integrate all identities, or to stray away from presenting our identities at all are choices based on our life-long interaction with identity formation. With connection to Catherine Connell's concept of Knitters, Splitters, and Quitters, this quiz will help you to better understand how you conceptualize and perform identity!

Descubra qual personagem é mais a sua cara. Não me levem a mal, é uma brincadeira. Eu, pessoalmente, gosto de todos citados no quizz, não venham arrumar confusão comigo depois, eu avisei que zoaria os players.

You're basically speaking your own language by this point.

"We have to lighten up the environment with a lot of humour."

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates 2 out of every 3 women who experience domestic violence are in the workforce.

Outdoor retailers came out swinging after Trump moved to dramatically shrink a pair of national monuments in Utah.

We asked and they told us.

Owning a car is a huge responsibility, some call it a liability actually. But in this day and age, in this present time, it is actually a necessity. A basic need for survival since transport is a major issue right now.

To microwave or not microwave, that is the question.

A viral tweet showing a hidden camera found in an Airbnb has rekindled the debate around home sharing and privacy.

2017 was in need of dire escapism and luckily there was plenty to offer. From premium networks, to cable tv, to even network television, this year has sharp, specific, and ballsy content to offer. This list consists of new shows and new seasons that began in 2017.

Dumpster movies, FIRE soundtracks.

Yes please.

Qué sirvan de algo las 3425 veces que viste el VHS de Dumbo.

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