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    17 Low-Key Genius Products We Tried And Loved In 2017

    Including an overnight gel that will banish blemished skin and leave you fresh as a daisy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    Hi! The team here basically live on the internet, and we're always recommending products to each other. So we thought we'd let you know what we bought and loved, loved, loved this year.

    1. A charcoal scrub that will exfoliate and soften your skin, so you'll look like an Insta filter in real life.

    2. A super-light suitcase that is perfect for carry-on, but durable enough to check in too.

    3. A genius high street product that will make sure your lipstick stays put all night.

    4. A full coverage concealer that will perk up tired eyes and hold up for a full day's use without drying out.

    5. A chef's candle that will eliminate cooking smells from the tiniest of kitchens.

    6. An out-of-this-world update on '00s lip gloss, cosigned by Queen Rih.

    7. A simple but addictive board game that you can play on the go.

    8. A pair of super-stylish noise-cancelling headphones that are also seriously pocket-friendly.

    9. A light but conditioning curl cream that will revitalise, moisturise, and strengthen curls.

    10. A sparkling rose gold pen that will perk up your desk and your life tbh.

    11. A lush deep-pile rug that will make any living room feel luxury AF.

    12. An overnight gel that will banish blemished skin and leave you fresh as a daisy.

    13. A protective phone case that is a must for anyone who's even medium-level clumsy.

    14. A silk pillowcase that will save delicate hair from breakage, and defeat night-time frizz.

    15. A saviour balm for people who love a matt lip, but hate having dry lips after.

    16. A drying lotion that will stop painful spots in their tracks, and is good value, as a little goes a long way.

    17. A leather balm with over 1.5k positive reviews that will revitalize your winter boots for next year.