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    27 Dogs Who Absolutely, Definitely, 100% Did Not Do It

    It wasn't them.

    1. "It wasn't me, but I know who did it."

    2. "I have an alibi."

    3. "Well, I heard a loud noise so I came running downstairs"

    4. "Hmm? The garbage can lid you say? No, haven't seen it."

    5. "Yes, I just got here too."

    6. "Oh, this hat? It was a GIFT. I don't remember who gave it to me."

    7. "I'm sorry, no hablo ingles."

    8. "What's on my nose, you said? Oh, nothing! Ha ha, I don't see anything."

    9. "Don't worry, I'm cleaning up for whoever did this."

    10. "IT WAS THE BABY."

    11. "It's not what it looks like."

    12. "I'll check the tape."

    13. "I don't know what you're talking about."

    14. "This? I found it here!"

    15. "I'm innocent. INNOCENT, I TELL YOU."

    16. "Yes, I will ABSOLUTELY help you find the culprit."

    17. "Whoever did this will pay, I promise you that."

    18. "It's a trap."

    19. "I've been set up!!!"

    20. "That white thing? Oh, that's been on me since I was born!"

    21. "These sprinkles? Yeah, they're not mine."

    22. "Teddy bear? I don't know him."

    23. "I agree, it's a mystery."

    24. "I found it like this."

    25. "Just examining the crime scene. I'll be done here shortly."

    26. "I'm telling you, he came in, unrolled the toilet paper, and then left!"

    27. "I plead the fifth."