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    16 Things That Happen When You've Been In A Relationship For Three Years

    You're basically speaking your own language by this point.

    1. The personal jokes that started at the beginning of your relationship evolve into the weirdest, most unexplainable things.

    2. And somehow, those same jokes never seem to get old.

    The secret to a successful long-term relationship is the ability to laugh at the same joke 3,682,000 times.

    3. Basically, you develop your own kind of secret language.

    4. The answer to the question "did I ever tell you about that time..." is normally "yes, you did."

    5. When your S/O mentions a friend you've never heard of, you find it verrrry hard to believe they're a "close friend."

    6. You become one of those people who automatically says "we" and "our."

    7. Your partner becomes the one person you tell all the things you're totally meant to keep to yourself.

    When you tell your mans all the tea cause he your best friend too

    8. You’re comfortable telling them about weird body things you NEVER thought you’d tell anyone who was not your doctor.

    9. You can't help but always bring one another up in conversation because, well, most of your stories involve them.

    10. Though it takes time to completely open up, after three years you can safely be the brattiest version of yourself in front of them.

    11. You feel confident ordering takeout for them and can normally guess what they're going to pick from a menu.

    12. You wake up one day and realize that you've picked up new interests completely by osmosis.

    13. You know every single piece of clothing in their wardrobe.

    14. After three years, there's no offense taken if someone doesn't feel like cuddling.

    15. You slowly witness yourself becoming that stereotypical long-term couple you once thought you'd never become.

    16. And your dates are very different to what they used to be, but they're always just as special.