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13 Soundtracks That Are Better Than The Movie

Dumpster movies, FIRE soundtracks.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which film soundtracks they think are better than the actual movies they're from. Here are some of the most popular opinions:

2. Glitter

Virgin Records

"The movie itself is indeed a mess, but the album that accompanied has definitely aged well and seems ahead of its time, in retrospect. People criticized Mariah for trying to bring back the '80s in 2001, but by 2009 everybody was trying to bring back the '80s. She should have just waited a little bit longer." —svdorme


4. Elizabethtown

RCA Records

"The script is terrible, and the plot doesn’t make the most sense, but the soundtrack is killer. Between Tom Petty, The Hombres, and Elton John, there’s a lot to be excited about." —astread

5. Josie and the Pussycats

Epic/Sony Records

"It may be a ridiculous movie, but the soundtrack for Josie and the Pussycats was so fun and catchy! The lead singer from Letters to Cleo sang most of the songs, and I just love her!" —Michelle Moran, Facebook


9. Godzilla (2000)

Epic/Sony Records

"Back when it was released, it featured the first new Wallflowers song in three years (a cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes'). I played that thing on my cassette deck the entire day it was released. It also featured 'Come with Me' by Puff Daddy, 'Walk the Sky' by Fuel, 'Deeper Underground' by Jamiroquai, and a 'Godzilla Remix' of 'Brain Stew'go by Green Day." —Sean Mackey, Facebook

10. Xanadu

Jet / MCA

"The Xanadu soundtrack is unbelievably good! For a film so bad that it inspired the Razzie Awards, the album went Double Platinum, and is still to this day regularly played in my home. 'Magic' became a hit for Olivia Newton John, and it went on to have an incredibly successful run on Broadway!" —cydneyt2


13. Brimstone & Treacle

A&M Records

"Kind of a silly movie circa mid-1980s with Sting in the starring role. Lots of Police songs — some not available anywhere else, plus the eerily catchy instrumental theme song. The Go Go's and Squeeze also show up on the soundtrack. All in all, a highly recommended soundtrack. (Avoid the movie unless you really, really love Sting...which I do.)"

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