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The 37 Most Ridiculous British TV Moments Of 2017

I don't need to tell you that it has been a ridiculous year.

1. When Robbie Williams sang "Auld Lang Syne" while holding hands with audience members shortly after midnight on 1 January, then promptly washed his hands with hand sanitiser, live on BBC One.

BBC Studios / BBC / Via

And that was only two minutes into 2017.

2. When This Morning did a phone-in about dreams and a caller asked this question.

ITV / This Morning / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

"Why are chickens shooting me in my dreams?"

3. When Amanda Holden asked Tim Peake, an astronaut on the International Space Station, whether he brought a piece of the moon back home with him.

Tim Peake: "I wasn't on the moon, I was in the space station so..." #ThisMorning

Just in case you didn't click on the video, here it is:

ITV / This Morning / Via Twitter: @scottygb

4. And when Phil and Holly interviewed a couple who apparently have 18 orgasms a day on This Morning, but then had to end it for an advert break.

ITV / This Morning / Via

5. When The One Show did the greatest segue ever.

BBC / One Show / Via Twitter: @scottygb

6. And when Mel Brooks was a guest and perfectly summed up watching The One Show.

BBC / The One Show

7. When Noel Gallagher had someone in his band play the scissors on an episode of Later... with Jools Holland.

BBC Music / Via

8. When someone accidentally turned the sprinklers on during Channel 4's Women's Euro 2017 coverage.

Channel 4

9. When some fog during The Jump meant that we weren't able to see that much of the jump in The Jump.

Channel 4 / The Jump / Via Twitter: @scottygb

10. When Countdown unveiled these letters.

ITV Studios / Countdown

And in another episode, these ones.

ITV Studios / Countdown / Via Twitter: @scottygb

11. When Gemma Collins fell through a hole during a broadcast of the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

BBC / Radio 1 / Via Twitter: @RyanJL

12. When Loose Women tackled this important subject.

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

"Would you give your dog mouth-to-mouth?"

13. And this one.

ITV / ITV Studios / Via Twitter: @daytimesnaps

14. When Julia made a bake that accidentally looked like a penis on The Great British Bake Off .

Channel 4 / Love Productions / Via Twitter: @scottygb

15. And then Yan served a cake like this.

Love Productions / Channel 4

16. When Stacey was trying to follow the technical challenge set by Paul Hollywood.

Channel 4 / Love Productions

17. When the topic on Pointless was "Best-Selling Albums of 2016" and the contestants suggested the host of Pointless: Alexander Armstrong.

BBC / Endemol UK

18. And when a contestant was asked to name a country that ends with two consonants and her friend absolutely hated her answer.

Endemol UK / BBC

19. When the two contestants on Letterbox, a hangman-style gameshow where you guess the answer using letters, were both terrible for a very long time.

BBC / Via

20. When ITV launched a cooking show consisting of rounds where people literally just chop vegetables, featuring the weirdest catchphrase.

Studio Ramsay / All3Media / Via

21. When Blue "performed" on This Morning.

Fucking hell, the ‘moves’ members of Blue get up to when it’s not their turn to sing.

22. When the Eurovision Song Contest once again had very unique lyrics from some of the entrants.

BBC / Courtesy of Eurovision / Via

23. These were my personal favourite lyrics from 2017.

BBC / Courtesy of Eurovision / Via

24. Oh and this happened during the Eurovision interval.

BBC / Courtesy of EBU / Via

No, it wasn't planned.

25. When a British academic made a bold claim ahead of the election and then fulfilled his promise on Sky News.

Sky News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

26. When a technical problem meant that this BBC News presenter had no idea which camera to talk to first.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @AndyMRoberts

Nope, not that camera.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @AndyMRoberts

This one.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @AndyMRoberts

27. When a technical problem meant Huw Edwards couldn't start the News at Ten on BBC One, but viewers watching on the BBC News Channel were able to see him just sitting alone for five minutes.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

Shortly after the news he tweeted this.

28. When BBC News came up with this caption.

BBC News

29. And this one.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

30. When ITV Weather came up with this forecast.

31. When BBC News used the weirdest footage when explaining a report about credit card debt.

BBC Editor: We need a POV film of someone with credit card debt shopping Cameraman: How..? There's no outward sign…

Via Twitter: @jamesorharry

If you didn't click on the video, here's what happened.

BBC News

32. When Susanna Reid was brutally honest when P***s M****n went on a rant during Good Morning Britain.

ITV / ITV This Morning / Via

33. When BBC Breakfast brought on this "expert".

BBC News

34. When ITV News, reporting from a school on A-level results day, showed a student drinking from a hip flask.

Some student celebrating A-levels the only way he should live on @GMB #GMB #alevelresultsday #swig

35. When the best damn interview intrusion happened on BBC World News.

So this just happened on @BBCWorld - Love the kids! @Robert_E_Kelly

If you didn't click on the video (and trust me, you really should) here's what happened in full.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @colinjwright

36. When Simon McCoy was breaking some news about William and Kate and just wasn't here for it at all.

BBC News

37. And finally, when BBC News showed us this caption.

BBC News / Via Twitter: @scottygb

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