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50 Stunning Jellyfishscapes

I don't think you're ready for these jellies. Even if you think you are you're going to appreciate jellyfish so much more after you see these beautiful photographs.

Baby Praying Mantis 6 years ago

The 15 Cutest Living Fossils

The term "living fossil" has been used to describe creatures that retain primitive features, have remained unchanged for millions of years, or are members of species-poor taxa. Many of which, incidentally, are unbearably cute. Here are the most adorable of the lot presented in no particular order.

Baby Praying Mantis 6 years ago

35 Bookplates Belonging To Famous People

Curious how famous people laid claim to their libraries? These lovely inserts not only indicate a book's provenance, but they often reflect the owner's personality. Ranging from silent movie stars to presidents, here are examples of ex libris from the historical elite.

Baby Praying Mantis 6 years ago

15 Zebras That Have Gone Incognito

Did you know that zebras often assume secret identities to do sneaky zebra stuff? If you are like me and harbor a secret fear of being spied upon by equines, here's a handy guide to exposing zebras in disguise.

Baby Praying Mantis 6 years ago