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The 40 Best Animal Cuddlers Of All Time

We all like cuddly animals, so it's probably for the best that someone is keeping track of these things.

1. This cat and this tortoise.

2. This hen and her puppy.

3. These squirrels.

4. This mouse and this bird.

5. These owls.

6. This otter and this goat.

7. This dog, cat, and fox.

8. These penguin chicks.

9. This fox and this human.

10. These frogs.

11. These husky pups.

12. These koalas.

13. These fawns and this dog.

14. This sheep and this goat.

15. This kitten and this dog.

16. These pandas.

17. This kitten and this dog.

18. These sloths.

19. This tortoise and this puppy.

20. This cat and these ducklings.

21. These otters.

22. These bunnies.

23. These polar bears.

24. This sea lion and this penguin.

25. This kitten and this bird.

26. These geckos.

27. These dogs.

28. These fox kits.

29. This cat and this sloth.

30. This orangutan and these lion cubs.

31. This bunny and this capybara.

32. This hamster and this duckling.

33. This piglet and this bunny.

34. These baby raccoons.

35. This monkey and this bird.

36. These cats.

37. This kangaroo and this wombat.

38. This dog and this pony.

39. This kitten and this potato.

40. This duck and this owl.