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    20 Ugly Vegetables That Grew Up To Be Swans

    Or ducks. But anyway, my point is that there's hope for you too.

    1. Can you believe this beautiful zucchini was constantly teased in high school?

    2. This once lonely tomato now has tons of friends.

    3. This cucumber refused to be pickled back when it was trendy. Now look at him.

    4. Ten years ago no one expected this marrow to get married. Now she's got a nest of her own.

    5. All the boys chase after this tomato now.

    6. This squash became an American Apparel model after growing out of her awkward stage.

    7. This potato never had a date in high school but now he's got a boyfriend AND a girlfriend.

    8. These gourds are members of an exclusive club that only invites the most beautiful vegetables to join.

    9. This tomato would like her classmates to know that she's winning all the local beauty contests.

    10. Both of these gourds were ostracized as kids but today are one of the most well-known vegetable celebrity couples.

    11. This potato would top Time's Sexiest Man Alive list if they allowed vegetables to compete.

    12. This tomato eventually grew into her beak, just as her mother told her she would.

    13. This gourd knows how to work the camera.

    14. This tomato used to get a lot of crap for not being red, but today she's making yellow beautiful.

    15. This potato is slated to get his own talk show next fall.

    16. Would you like to buy a pin-up of this zucchini?

    17. Virtually friendless as a child, in college this tomato was scouted by various talent agencies and is now a wildly successful actress.

    18. This zucchini is lusted after for her voluptuous curves.


    19. This potato took dance lessons after graduating and is now the picture of poise and grace.

    20. Plagued with acne throughout her childhood, this gourd grew up to be a real beauty. She is a true swan.