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    25 Wonderfully Geeky Cookies

    You need a cookie. So have a cookie. Or if you prefer, have a 011000110110111101101111011010110110100101100101.

    1. Settlers of Catan

    2. BBC Sherlock

    3. Pixel Link

    4. 8-Bit Chocolate Chip

    5. Han Solo in Carbonite

    6. Marvel Covers

    7. Unicorn Poop

    8. Domo-kun

    9. Super Mario Question Mark Box and Coins

    10. Tetris Blocks

    11. Khaleesi's Dragon Eggs

    12. Sailor Moon

    13. DC Funko Bobblehead Heroes and Villains

    14. Creepers

    15. Piranha Plant


    With brownie soil.

    16. Studio Ghibli

    17. Doctor Who

    Flickr: justjenn

    Don't blink.

    18. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    19. The Joker

    20. Magic: The Gathering Mana Symbols

    21. Hello Kitty

    22. Star Trek

    23. Pokémon


    24. Lembas


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