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    20 Rain Frogs That Have Had It With This Week

    Whatever happened this week, you're probably handling it better than these rain frogs.

    1. "This week. Nope. Just nope."

    2. "Why does everyone feel compelled to touch me? Stop touching me. You're gross."

    3. "Stop it. Just stop it. Everything you do is maddening."

    4. "Everything requires so much effort. I'm done."

    5. "Oh, you think I had fun at the beach? Beaches are theoretically fun until you factor in all the sand."

    6. "GTFO."

    7. "Grumpy Cat has a movie deal now? What's the big deal? I can do the frowny thing too."

    8. "Judging you. You get a 3."

    9. "EXCUSE ME? Do I look like a frog who has time for your nonsense?"

    10. "It's too hot, Mom. Too. Damn. Hot."

    11. "I am basically a balloon with legs."

    12. "Someone told me I look like a potato."

    13. "STFU about your chair feeling like a rock. My chair IS a rock."

    14. "No, I do not like the view from here either."

    15. "You disgust me."

    16. "How the hell are we related, exactly?"

    17. "Some privacy, please."

    18. "Jesus. Is it so hard to put the dishes in the dishwasher?"

    19. "What do you want me to do now? Haven't I done enough already?"


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