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    Updated on May 16, 2019. Posted on Dec 5, 2017

    18 Quick Home Hacks That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Know About These Sooner?"

    Whoa, genius.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Keep your house warmer in the winter by flipping the switch on your fan, so the heat that rises to the ceiling is pushed back down.

    It may help you save $$ on your electricity and heat bills, because you'll lose less heat to the ceiling. And in the summer, flip it again so you get a skin-cooling breeze. From Mom4Real.

    2. Attach a long plastic tube to your kitchen's built-in soap pump and run it into an oversized bottle of dish soap — so you basically never have to refill it again.,

    Just swap out the bottle when it's, once or twice a year. From Simple Details and Ask Anna.

    3. Disguise the cords hanging from your wall-mounted TV with an inexpensive shower curtain rod.

    4. And score adhesive cord covers with scissors to break them into smaller pieces — so you can easily hide cords behind even the trickiest furniture.

    From Thrifty Decor Chick. And cord covers are cheap; you can get a pack of four long pieces plus corner and connector pieces for $12.74 on Amazon.

    5. Hang two cheap full-length mirrors on your double closet doors to dress 'em up a little.

    6. Add privacy to any window while still letting the light come through using cornstarch and water pasted over lace or plain white paper.

    It's easy to remove, too — just use hot water. From Anna Bel Vita and Instructables.

    7. Cover up an ugly flush-mount ceiling light with a simple drum lampshade.

    This trick works for those weird-looking "boob lights," too. From Apartment Therapy and Engineer Your Space.

    8. Hang curtains so they're ~wide and high~, and your windows will look twice their size.

    It's an optical illusion that works. From Apartment Decor On a Budget.

    9. Double up your shower curtains so they elegantly ~part~ instead of slide — and hang 'em high for even more drama.

    10. When you're painting anything that needs a second or third coat after drying, refrigerate your wet paint brushes or rollers in a plastic bag so the paint doesn't dry out.

    And you don't have to wash them every night. From The Ugly Duckling House.

    11. Punch in the sides of your foil and plastic wrap boxes to keep the roll in place, then hang them on the inside of a cabinet using removable adhesive hooks.

    12. Use less vase filler by filling the middle of the vase with something kinda big, then putting the filler around it — like this empty wine bottle hidden in the corks.

    13. Make any rug feel extra luxurious with a layer of carpet padding underneath — it's thicker (and usually cheaper) than your typical rug pad.

    And you can probably find it at your local carpet store. From Ever After Blueprint.

    14. Repurpose wire drawer organizers as tiny shelves that help you use every last bit of pantry space.

    They'd happily hold hair products and nail polish in your bathroom closet too! From Domestic Imperfection.

    15. And attach file holders to the inside of your cabinets to hold cleaning supplies, foil, and ziplock bags, or whatever else you need to store.

    Nifty / BuzzFeed

    You can use adhesive foam tape, or even the stronger-weight removable adhesive strips. From here.

    16. If you're hanging a *lot* of art, use templates to plot out where everything will go.

    And whether you're hanging one piece or twenty, use a pair of pliers or a clothespin to hold the nail in place — so you don't accidentally hammer your thumb.

    17. If your toilet flush leaves anything lingering, turn the water valve's handle all the way to the left, to make sure it's open *all the way*.

    That's the handle near the wall at the back of your toilet. From HGTV and Plumbing Supply.

    18. Give your dresser or side table an entirely new look and feel by simply switching out the knobs.

    Ashley Poskin / Apartment Therapy

    And old trick, but an excellent one. From Apartment Therapy.

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