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    Save This Cheat Sheet Of 24 Protein-Rich Foods For Future Reference

    See above.

    Protein is great!

    It helps keep you full, it's great for bone health, and it helps repair muscles and facilitate muscle tissue growth. It also supports the immune system. Honestly, is there anything protein can't do?? OK, yes, definitely — BUT because protein is rad and important, we thought it might help to know just how much of it is in the foods you eat regularly.

    So, we rounded up a bunch of foods and looked at protein per serving size as designated either by the USDA or the company that manufactures and packages it. But keep in mind that the amount you would actually eat in a particular sitting is probably not the exact same as this ~official~ number.

    Btw: This handy visual for estimating portions will put these numbers into context.

    Get into it!

    Joao Fazenda for BuzzFeed News