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    19 Hanukkah Sweaters For The Jew Who Might Feel Left Out At An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sweater for those who know just getting "smashed" on Hanukkah won't cut it the same as getting "shamashed."

    2. A jumper that'll make you more excited for Hanukkah than the rabbi printed on it is.

    3. A top to show how ballin' you are, and also probably how hungry you are for a warm bowl of your bubbie's matzo ball soup.

    4. A cute sweater for anyone who's like, sort of, maybe, kind of fluent in Yiddish.

    5. A jumper that'll simply express the most important way you plan on getting "lit" this holiday.

    6. A crew neck to make you laugh and then inspire you to cook some challah french toast or something.

    7. A pullover so you can channel your inner Schmidt from New Girl. But, you can appreciate this hilarious print even without watching the show.

    8. A sweatshirt that everyone at the ugly sweater party might appreciate more than you do.

    9. A jumper to show other people how we Jews wish each other a happy holiday.

    10. A cardigan for the Jew who really doesn't like being confined to a sweater, damnit.

    11. A basic pullover decked out with multi-colored LED lights that'll make you shine brighter than the candles on the menorah.

    12. A sweater so cute, you might just have a Hanukkah happier than a llama wearing a yarmulka.

    13. A poncho embellished with Stars of David and dreidels will probably make you the trendiest person at the ugly sweater party, or just in general.

    14. A shirt (not a sweater), to give people a gentle reminder of why Hanukkah is so great.

    15. A crew neck perfect for the Jew who loves music and understands this punny reference.

    16. A fleece that proves you can't have enough Hanukkah shirts related to getting lit.

    17. A poncho covered in menorahs to give you a variety of ways to show holiday cheer.

    18. A sweatshirt with a reminder that you should take a moment this holiday season for playing dreidel with family and friends and WINNING ALL THE DAMN GELT.

    19. A simple "Happy Hanukkah" sweater so you can rock the holiday spirit without going too overboard.


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