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    16 Times People Tried To Enjoy Christmas But Got Screwed Hilariously

    They tried. They really tried.

    1. Look, all these people wanted to do was to make a cute "Santa fishing" display, OK?

    2. And all these parents wanted to do was to put out their adorable "Ho, ho, ho" blocks.

    3. This family just wanted to make a lousy gingerbread house that could withstand a 0.1 earthquake.

    4. And this gift giver just wanted to wrap a vacuum.

    5. This family just wanted to put up the family tree...without it coming down.

    6. And this family didn't realize their dog (who looks way too smug, btw) was going to do this.

    7. Ditto for this family, which didn't realize their cat was a damn hooligan.

    8. And speaking of pets, this family just wanted to put out their reindeer figurines without their dog straight-up decapitating one.

    9. This woman just wanted to order a cute Christmas sweater in medium (but not a kids' medium, oops).

    10. And this woman just wanted to enjoy some festive eggnog WITHOUT spilling it all over her Christmas dress.

    11. This mom only wanted to move the Elf on the Shelf to a new spot — the overhead light — without burning off half the little guy's leg.

    12. This person just wanted to order a Christmas tree that looked even remotely like the photo of it online.

    13. This person just wanted to shop at Kohl’s without being startled halfway to a heart attack by this giant, scary-ass abominable snowman.

    14. This person just wanted to hand out chocolate Santas that wouldn't send grandma to the hospital.

    15. This mom just wanted to put out this Christmas display without some wiseass doing this.

    16. And THIS WHOLE CITY just wanted to spread Christmas cheer — and not make their residents think they were being invaded by a swarm of flying dongs.

    Merry, uh, Christmas!