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December 13, 2017

Sur les Instagram de détenus, la prison sans filtres

En France, de nombreux détenus possèdent — illégalement — un smartphone, qui leur permet de rester en contact avec le monde extérieur. Certains d'entre eux les utilisent pour diffuser leurs clichés sur Instagram.

Omarosa Is Out At The White House

The former Apprentice villain and one of the most prominent black women in the administration is leaving the Trump administration.

Doug Jones Quotes MLK In Victory Speech

"The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice. Tonight, tonight, ladies and gentlemen, tonight, tonight in this time, in this place, you helped bend that moral arc a little closer to that justice."

Revealed: Secrets Of One Of The World's Dirtiest Banks And Its Powerful Western Protectors

Blatant forgery. Snarling guard dogs. Shredded evidence. An incendiary cache of leaked documents reveals the farcical scramble inside one of the world’s dirtiest banks to conceal incriminating information from US government investigators – while some of the most prestigious accountants and lawyers on the planet used all their power to keep the bank in business.

Your Flash Briefing For December 13, 2017

Democrat Doug Jones pulls off an upset in the Alabama Senate race, new details about the man accused of detonating a pipe bomb in an NYC subway station Monday, and young people are suing the government for contributing to climate change.

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