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18 Fails That Will Literally Have You Screaming, "No, No, No, Noo"

Prepare to wince.

1. This anchor drop:

2. This example of why you should always put on the e-brake:

3. These slow sliders:

4. This scary-ass snake (wait for it):

5. This runaway ship:

6. This guy's dumb move:

7. This at-home Spider-Woman:

8. This wine drinker:

9. This amateur fire-breather:

10. This weightlifter:

11. This guy's failed jump attempt:

12. And this woman's valiant effort:

13. This guy's mean friends:

14. This guy who alllllmost made it:

15. This poor kid:

16. This guy's slippery situation:

17. This FUCKING stump:

18. And finally, THIS POKER: