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27 Of The Most Batshit, WTF Things That Happened In Scotland In 2017

Could really have done without the Andy Murray sausage wean, tbh.

1. A Teletubby got arrested in Glasgow.

2. An absolutely horrifying porn film was released.

3. This truly weird crime occurred in Carnoustie.

4. A heartless Halloween prankster did this:

5. This useless Fife criminal failed at life.

6. As did the guy behind this crap mugging attempt.

7. These "melts" failed to notice Edinburgh Castle.

8. Someone got creative in a Dundee shop.

9. This Edinburgher embraced nominative determinism.

10. And this dad made an epic World Book Day costume.

11. The SNP made a strange design choice.

12. Someone decided to sell this appealing outfit.

13. And someone else used a unique marketing strategy.

14. This pet lover was spotted in Kilwinning.

15. So was this sheep-walker in Dundee.

16. And this pigeon-fancier in Glasgow.


17. A kebab shop unveiled an incredibly OTT sign.

Aberdeen doesn't push the boundaries very often but check out this fucking kebab shop. CGI donner!!

18. This Borders pub made their feelings clear.

19. An RGU student created abstract art by accident.

20. This concerned citizen reported a horrible crime.

21. A ballsy crime took place in Glasgow.

22. Someone spotted this hot chick on Tinder.

23. A hygiene-conscious coo had a wash.

24. A communal shitter opened in Silverburn.

25. Someone spotted this dude in a cupboard.

26. A troubled butcher invented this "sausage baby".

27. And last but by no means least, this shameless woman tried to sell her dead dog online.

Scotland, you've outdone yourself.

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