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This Girl's Roommate Tried To Make Her Throw Away Her Nigel Thornberry Shower Curtain And Oh Jeez

"It's valid to think it's creepy that there's a naked man staring at you while you pee."

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Rachel bought the shower curtain in 2016. "It's the best $15 I've ever spent," she told BuzzFeed News.

Recently, Rachel and her flatmates decided they'd move to a new apartment next year. There was only one problem — one of her roommates did not want Nigel coming along. Facing a crisis, Rachel's roommate said the shower curtain could come along if — and only if — she could get 1500 likes on Twitter.


So, with no other option, Rachel tweeted out a picture of the shower curtain to her 40 followers and waited. She was totally unprepared for the chaos that ensued.

I mean come on, all of the sea creatures surrounding him are also nigel thornberry and he's got shower caps on the…

While the shower curtain received little attention at first, Rachel says her tweet really took off when the people on the east coast of the US started waking up. So far, the tweet has 90,000 retweets and over 500,000 likes – quite a bit more than the 1,500 required to save Nigel.

My roommates hate my shower curtain (cause they're uncultured) and want to get rid of it but 1500 likes and it gets…

People were...very impressed.

@rschmity I think you underestimated the power of the internet...and the THORN!

@rschmity That's the greatest shower curtain ever, You are literally killing the shower curtain game.


@rschmity @kalesalad This is the best thing I’ve seen in 2017.

@rschmity @dmaccormackx Probably the greatest shower curtain ever made, you should be proud to hang in your bathroom 🕺🏻🙌

@rschmity @kkaralius This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Rachel said all of her friends were super surprised by how the tweet took off. And the roommate who didn't like the curtain in the first place? Well, her reaction has been...indifferent. "She's just salty," said Rachel. "I was like, 'Sorry Miranda but your opinion is getting frosted like a cake because everyone loves Nigel'."


Rachel said she did apologise to Miranda for describing her as uncultured.

"She's really not, I guess she just doesn't appreciate The Wild Thornberrys like most millennials do.

"It's valid to think it's creepy that there's a naked man staring at your while you pee."