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    How I Tricked Google Into Thinking I'm 2017's Person Of The Year

    And how you can join the fun!

    Last week for BuzzFeed News' AM to DM I made some fake Time magazine Person of the Year covers.

    Here's the full segment.

    Y'all had some great ideas for who should be Person of the Year... and some not-great ones. #AM2DM

    The internet gods were happy and people shared them all over Twitter and Facebook!

    Then a weird thing happened. This weekend I googled "Person of the Year 2017" and one of my photoshops came up!

    This gave me an idea.

    If I could get enough people to click on an image of me as 2017 Person of the Year, my fake cover would come up if you googled "Person of the Year 2017."

    So I made my fake cover from a Halloween photo where I dressed as 280 characters.

    I posted my tweet a couple days ago (with the important phrase "Person of the Year 2017"), asking people to share.

    RETWEET this so it pops up when you Google *Time Person of the Year 2017* then I will prank my kids in 30 yrs. Im s…

    At first, not too many people retweeted, but after several hours I was shocked to see I landed on the Google Image search page.

    So I updated Twitter on the progress, more people retweeted, and...

    I ended up in the top 10!

    I doubt I will ever get to No. 1, especially after the real person is announced tomorrow. But if you want to help, you can do...

    ...NOTHING! Because you already did something by reading this far down an article with the embedded tweet of my cover.

    If you DO want to join in for extra credit, retweet the image or Google "Person of the Year 2017," scroll down till you find the cover, then simply click it.

    Let's give it a shot! Crazier things have happened.