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If You Are SOOOO DONE With India's Celeb Obsession, This Insta Account Will Have You LMAOing

Y'all NEED to know which of the 15,071 hair on Shah Rukh Khan's beard is your soulmate.

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Then Rayon, an Instagram account parodying Bollywood stories, started by Salva Mubarak, is your new dope.

It highlights the absurdity of media's unhealthy obsession with Virat and Anushka's wedding.


And some more.

It perfectly documents Priyanka Chopra's rule over the internet.

It does cover scandals that'll make you ROFL.

Can y'all please maybe LEAVE MAH BABY, TAIMUR, ALONE, though?


But, definitely, maybe take advice from these life-altering pieces teaching you how to emulate your fav celebs?

And if you've not had enough of our Lord and saviour, Deepika Padukone, this account also gives super-intricate details.

So, even if celeb news isn't your thing, laughing at these parodies just might be.