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19 Times Louis Theroux Was Hilarious, Brilliant, And Wholesome On Twitter In 2017

"Don't hold yourself back! Open up a can of whoop-ass!" – Louis Theroux, 2017

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1. When he considered the possibility of attending Glastonbury.

One day I'm going to go to Glastonbury. [sigh] I'll be like one million years old.

2. When he made a cameo in Team America: World Police.

3. When he made this joke…

Came outside and this was happening. #getaroom

Which long time followers might recognise as the sequel to this classic.

Came out this morning and this was happening. #GetARoom

4. When he had a new show about to start.

5. When he shared this brilliant Halloween costume.

6. When he encouraged a fan to fight back.

7. When he became very, very serious.

8. When he shared this brilliant meme.

9. When he showed us what he looks like now!

What Louis Theroux Looks Like Now Will Leave You Without Words!

10. When he rectified a drunken spelling mistake.

11. When he debated surnames with his cousin, Justin Theroux.

Being grilled by my cuzz over how to pronounce our last name. The-row? Theroo? #meaning?

12. When he criticised a family's Christmas decorations.

13. When he warned us to get our orders in early.

Please place orders early as my Mum is struggling to keep up with demand.

14. When he got a new, questionable haircut.

The face you make when the haircut hasn't turned out quite the way you hoped.

15. When he respected the manners of a younger generation.

Child just said he'd "chef me up". I said not hungry, but it restored my faith in young generation, offering to cook for strangers.

16. When he respected the rules of a breakfast buffet.

Ok??? Breakfast is free but that doesn't mean you can take the piss.

17. When his account got "hacked".

18. When he shared a magazine cover with another British TV legend.

19. And finally, when he recited a tweet from a Twitter bot…

I'm in Amsterdam to meet Hannah, a former IT expert turned cybergoth who believes Hull is a portal to Hell

Et voila! I did it in quite a serious mode. I guess it felt like a pretty important story. @louistherouxbot

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