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    35 Gloriously Gold Things To Help You Live Your Fanciest Life

    Not real gold, we're not millionaires here.

    1. Dinosaur collar clips that will add some pizazz to your outfit, no bones about it.

    2. A shiny planter to give your leafy friend an Au-some upgrade.

    3. Beautifully gold balloons for celebrating how fancy you are.

    4. A cool, retro-looking Casio watch — the '80s called and they love your style.

    5. A luxe gold face mask to reduce redness and refresh tired looking skin.

    6. A lioness stapler that you might burn down an office for.

    7. And a gold-trimmed mouse to match your super fancy stapler.

    8. Dangly square earrings that look museum-worthy.

    9. Shiny gold washi tape for scrapbooking like a darn millionaire.

    10. A glittery backpack so you can sparkle in the new year.

    11. A set of bag clips for the most lavish way to store food or display photos.

    12. A faux leather jacket in a bold shade of ~GOLD~.

    13. A refurbished Polaroid camera for snapping some seriously valuable-looking photos.

    14. Gold-dipped planters your plants will take a shine to.

    15. A champagne S'well water bottle that will keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot.

    16. A swanky llama lamp base to light up your life.

    17. A stylish pin as brassy as the original Stinky Cheese Man.

    18. A glittery lip balm that reacts to your lips' natural pH levels and gives you a unique shade of pink with a subtle golden glow.

    19. A retro fringe dress to satisfy your inner flapper.

    20. An classy ladle for spooning out some tasty soups in style.

    21. A pair of bee hairpins everyone will be abuzz about.

    22. A sleek dry erase board to jot down all your million-dollar ideas.

    23. Flashy sunnies almost as bright as the sun itself.

    24. A sparkly romper for bringing the party with you.

    25. A simple porcelain mug with an elegant gold handle.

    26. A pair of glitzy, cat-eared headphones for listening to gold sounds you'll never want to paws.

    27. A pair of Adidas Superstars with some luxe stripes that'll probably make you run faster.

    28. A chrome cocktail shaker for making expensive looking cocktails, possibly with some gold leaves on top.

    29. A pair of leggings to add some shine to any lackluster outfit.

    30. A silk eye mask for taking beauty sleep to the next level.

    31. A poop emoji bottle opener that's unexpectedly fancy, all things considered.

    32. And a narwhal bottle opener that you might as whale buy too.

    33. A backless, sequin midi dress for when you want to be the center of attention.

    34. A set of brassy makeup brushes with pink bristles that only look expensive.

    35. A pair of metallic booties — more like pirate's booty thanks to the color.

    Gold, beautiful gold!!!