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    28 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Paradise You'll Never Want To Leave

    🎶 Home is where I want to be, pick me up and turn me around🎶

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    1. Invite a luxury bathtub caddy into your life and never look back.

    2. Put this magical rainbow window film in all your windows for privacy and natural light.

    3. Sleep like a baby angel with the help of insulated blackout curtains.

    4. Transform your next binge watch via projector, so the next time someone texts you "come hang out" you can just text them back a giant picture of Harry Potter's face.

    5. Or, make a DIY projector that'll impress everyone who comes over.

    View this video on YouTube / Via BuzzFeedBlue

    Learn how from the experts at BuzzFeed here.

    6. Let the noms come to you in the form of an extremely delish box of artisan snacks delivered to your door every month.

    7. Invest in a silk sheet set so you can sleep like you're sleeping on a cloud without leaving your bed.

    8. Glam up your bed even more via a comfy DIY tufted headboard.

    9. Keep your favorite music, TV shows, podcasts and more on speed dial with Amazon Echo.

    10. Treat yourself to a Lush shower jelly and the mini fridge you've always wanted to store your most precious beauty products.

    11. Ensure your next shower is extra glorious by way of blasting your favorite tunes from a waterproof speaker.

    12. Set up a virtual fireplace on your DVD player after a long hard day for visual ambience.

    View this video on YouTube

    Promising review: "Great video especially during the cold months. It is perfect for a relaxing evening of reading. It actually crackles, and when the logs burn and roll a bit, it is just like having your fireplace without the mess. And you don't have to get up to throw on another log!" –MoInnkeeper

    Get the DVD from Amazon for $9.97 or set up a fireplace on your computer monitor with a free video here.

    13. Light the perfect candle to accompany your favorite book – arguably the best home pairing ever.

    14. Read and be massaged in the arms of this massaging bed rest, complete with a book pocket and cup holder.

    15. Never suffer another restless night again once you get this amazing weighted blanket in your bed.

    16. Get as close as you possibly can to your own private island by making a curtain rod canopy bed.

    17. Surround yourself with the versatile string lights to highlight the best part of your room.

    18. Illuminate the warmth of your home with a set of two handmade, fair trade Himalayan salt lamps.

    19. Maximize your kitchen space by hanging all the fruit babes in a DIY hanging basket.

    20. Open your home up to a pet or aquarium, and experience pure joy every time you come home.

    21. Build your own planter so you can satisfy your need for home decor with little cost.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Buzzfeed / Nifty

    Find instructions from Nifty here.

    22. Give the gift of this hanging hammock chair to your home, and you may never leave.

    23. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to the the beauty products you stock in your bedroom.

    24. Combine elegant home decor and aromatherapy with this Orchid-inspired oil diffuser.

    25. Or, create your own ~scentsational~ decor addition via the magical powers of lavender.

    26. Feel more at ease by getting your stuff off the floor and into storage via two-in-one furniture.

    27. Paint a window frame for a pop of color and life (without having to paint the entire wall).

    28. And last but not least, splurge on a home sauna so you can enjoy ultimate paradise from your living room.

    You in your home forever.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.