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19 Tweets About Sophia The Robot That Are So Funny You'll Forget To Be Terrified

You need to stop talking about Sophia's wig before she snaps.

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If you haven't heard of Sophia the robot yet, you probably don't have a Twitter account. She's basically the newest robot that's set to take over the world.

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Don't believe me? Well, watch this short clip...

So now the introductions are out of the way, here's some tweets to make you laugh and distract you from the fact that you're probably terrified right now...


Sophia The Robot : "All Humans Must Die!" My Traderous Ass: "Y@5555555 8i+(h!!!!!!"


Sophia got that arch too, I’d blow the gigabytes out her back.


Y’all keep making fun of Sophia the robot like y’all tweets ain’t being sent to her database. Sweeties, she already…


siri on her way to the unemployment office after seeing that video of sophia the robot


sophia the robot out here coming for the man I don’t have


When Sophia the robot approaches me and I have to improvise


me watching everyone joke about sophia the robot like she isn’t reading these tweets and storing your names and IP…


me fixing Sophia the robot's wig as she argues with her fellow robot overlords over who gets which country


sophia the robot coming around 2 annihilate everyone that made fun of her for her no wig having self



Me downloading programs to block my IP address so Sophia the robot don’t spy on me for talking shit about her Tyler…


Sophia the robot: I seen your tweets about how you didn’t like Wall-E. Me:


somebody need to put some Fenty Beauty on Sophia the Robot. while y’all talking about representation. left out a whole demographic


sophia: i’m here to learn about humans humans:


Me when Sophia announces that shes going to destroy humanity because you all keep tweeting that she needs a lacefro…



sophia’s creators asking if she remembers them after she decides she hates humans and wants to take over the world


lmaoo ur mcm out here looking for somebody to “love” & spend the rest of his life wit instead of trying to prove hi…


sophia the robot after saying she wouldn’t kill everyone in her interview