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    30 Things That Made You Gayer Even Though They Should Have Made You Straight, I Guess


    1. Shania Twain's leopard catsuit thing.

    2. This moment in "(You Drive Me) Crazy."

    3. Britney's catsuit in "Oops."

    4. Britney Spears, in general.

    5. That whole era where Christina Aguilera wore only leather chaps.

    Denis Doyle / AFP / Getty Images

    6. This.

    7. "Lady Marmalade," like, the entire video.

    8. "My Neck, My Back," lyrically.

    9. The naked drawing of Rose in Titanic.

    Paramount Pictures

    10. The hand.

    Paramount Pictures

    11. Blink-182.

    12. Soccer.

    John Macdougall / AFP / Getty Images

    13. Baseball.

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    14. Basketball.

    Mike Fiala / AFP / Getty Images

    15. Football.

    Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

    16. Organized sports, in general.

    Liu Jin / AFP / Getty Images

    17. Buffy

    The WB

    18. GQ magazine.


    19. Dude, Where's My Car?

    20th Century Fox

    20. American Pie

    Universal Pictures

    21. And Coyote Ugly.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Though to be fair, Coyote Ugly was pretty damn gay.

    22. The fact that you were constantly surrounded by girls.

    23. Anytime a whale tail was exposed.

    Henny Ray Abrams / AFP / Getty Images

    24. The dress.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    25. Just, like, Shakira.

    26. The kiss.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    27. The Old Spice Guy.

    Old Spice

    28. Crop tops and sparkly bustiers.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    29. All those pictures of hot girls in your room.

    30. And any time boobs were exposed.

    Love the aesthetic!...but not, like, sexually *into them.*

    THE END.

    *Waits for angry comments from "straight acting" guys who play baseball and don't like pop music*

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