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33 Strange Things We Did As Kids That We Couldn't Do Now

I mean, you definitely couldn't get married on your lunch break and divorced by the end of the day.

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1. Imagine if in your morning meetings you sat on the carpet cross-legged like you did in school.

2. And if a select few people got to sit on benches. Wild!

3. And what if when your boss wanted everyone to shut up they put their fingers on their lips and everyone had to do the same.

4. Remember when you used to sharpen your pencils just to have a bitching sesh with your pals? That would be so obvious if you did it now, and who is even using pencils?

5. Okay, it would actually be the best if you got to watch Christmas videos at work before Christmas because your boss couldn’t be bothered to set you any work.

6. Remember when you got to bring in your toys on the last day of term? If we did that now it would just be everyone bringing in their selfie sticks.

7. If we still acted like we did in school we’d make all our life decisions on whether a rubber fell on the “yes or “no” side.

8. And you’d get married on your break at lunchtime and have everyone you know as a bridesmaid.

9. Then by the end of the day you’d be divorced because you saw your spouse sharpening their pencil with someone else.

10. Basically, all your relationships would be the odd forced hug egged on by everyone around you.

11. It would be so weird if we all just took an hour out of day to put on some tiny shorts and polo shirts and do forward rolls on a hard mat in a hall.

12. And we’d all lose our shit if we were allowed to get out tiny climbing frames that were attached to the wall.

13. If someone got hurt we wouldn’t be allowed to go to the hospital but would just be expected to put a wet paper towel on the injury and be alright.

14. TBH it may be weird but we should definitely play Simon Says more often.

15. Yes, it would be weird if all of our presentations at work included copious amounts of Clip Art and effects, but also it would be amazingly great.

16. Imagine if in Premier League football when someone got hurt the ref replaced the ball with a sponge one.

17. And if we all just took an hour out of our day to run around and play tag or hide and seek.

18. Would we all still fall out over whether we did or did not get tagged? I reckon we would.

19. Honestly, adult life does not feature enough whiteboards – those were so fun.

20. If we all lived like we did in school then the person with the most glitter on at the disco would surely pull.

21. And so would the person who could do the biggest knee slide across the dance floor.

22. Although if we did still act like that, "pulling" would be asking your friend to ask the person you fancy out and then never speaking to them.

23. It would be kind of weird if we practised dance routines to Spice Girls at lunch with our friends.

24. But what would be weirder is if we had an hour of dedicated time to doing things such as balancing a beanbag on your head and walking across a bench.

25. If we lived like we did in primary school then the social hierarchy would be determined by who had the best bubble writing.

26. And the only way to climb up it would be to get a braid when you went on holiday or lie about being related to Britney Spears.

27. Your mum would make you only wear clothes that were two sizes too big for you so that you had room to grow into them.

28. Of course, if we acted like we used to then we’d think a 3:30pm finish from school was late.

29. And we’d constantly be swinging back on our chair as a big fuck you to the authority figures in our life.

30. We would pretty much spend our days flicking our rulers on our desks trying to make it make a funny noise.

31. And then we’d break it and swear we did absolutely nothing to it, it just happened.

32. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty great that we don’t act like we did when we were in school, because we were little shits. For example, if someone fell we would still be shouting “she fell over, she fell over” instead of helping them up.

33. And we’d still be accusing people of farting when it was actually us who dealt it. Wow, I am glad we don’t act like we did at school.