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    Did Someone Ask For Rush Shipping Because Jeff Bezos's Outerwear Game Lately Has Been Absolutely Prime

    Dude looks like a (hundred) billion bucks.

    Jeff Bezos: You know him as the founder of Amazon, general space exploration entrepreneur, and, for a couple of days, world's only centi-billionaire.

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    BUT, just as importantly, did you know that he's also 2017's newest winter weather style inspiration?

    Historically, we've usually seen Bezos out and about in these probably very nice but ultimately just suity suits...

    Mark Wilson / Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images, Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

    Which is totally chill. Because, per traditional tech mogul fashion, uniform dressing has been pretty much the black turtlenecked standard.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images, Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images, John Macdougall / AFP / Getty Images

    Here's tech god-daddy Steve Jobs, who transformed personal computing and also the 'neck as we knew it.

    You've got our boy Markie Mark still doing his gray t-shirt thing...

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images, David Ramos / Getty Images, Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    Previously of ubiquitous hoodie fame.

    And even my boss/lifestyle sponsor Jonah Peretti has made this patterned shirt & sweater combo a consistent thing.

    Kimberly White / Getty Images, Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images, Brian Ach / Getty Images

    JP, if you're reading this, rest assured it's a great look.

    So, this is all to say, when Bezos debuted THIS puffer jacket and overall Terminator-meets-Vin-Diesel-in-Portland look on July 13, 2017, it was the dawn of a new era.

    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    It's officially Cool Tech Mogul Jacket season, you guys.

    I mean, just try telling me you WOULDN'T want this power puffer in your winter lineup this year.

    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    Look at it! It's just the thing to keep you protected from the Pacific Northwest elements and also any low to mid-level shocks to the global economy, probably.

    And that's not all Bezos has up his now hella stylish sleeve: just look at this gray bomber jacket he's sporting here...

    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    A nice on-trend look for day, night and also the secret timezone that I'm pretty sure billionaires get all to themselves.

    And here's another lightweight number, featuring either corduroy or suede made from the hide of a mythical creature.

    Donna Blankinship / AP

    Perfect for those days when you're planning to accessorize with your future space ship's copper exhaust nozzle.

    Here, we have Bezos returning to his tried-and-true vest style again, this time with a nice navy hardshell...

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    Sources say they've spotted Warren Buffett out and about with a matching one.

    And I'm honestly loving the understated ivory at work here on Bezos's jodhpuri suit, which he debuted on a trip to Bangalore, India, a few years ago.

    Manjunath Kiran / AFP / Getty Images

    The crimson pocket square and scarf really tie the look together like one big e-commerce monopoly or something.

    Remember varsity jackets? Bezos does us one better here, with this bad space boy remix on the leather sleeve...

    Isaiah Downing / Reuters

    Remember, guys: there's honestly nothing more rebellious than flaunting private space exploration.

    And okay, I know dinner jackets are ~technically~ not outerwear, but dannnn, B! Is that silk?

    Jerod Harris / Getty Images

    Seamless as a warehouse supply chain, ja feel?

    And finally, let us count the ways we completely appreciate Bezos rocking the every(rich)man's ultimate statement piece: the leather bomber.

    Amy Harris / AP

    Nothing says "this holiday shopping season, your ass is mine" like this does.

    Clearly, Bezos knows what works for him, and he's totally owning it here: a strong knit collar, dark neutrals and lustrous leather.

    Amy Harris / AP

    Leave yours unzipped, too, for that perfect casual captain of industry lewk.

    Although, if we really think about it... is there anything this guy can't own?

    Amy Harris / AP

    Look for the Jeff Jacket 2018 Spring Collection coming soon, probably to a Whole Foods near you.

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