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Death Is A Mere Inconvenience In The Trailer For Netflix's Newest Sci Fi Series, "Altered Carbon"

"Live forever in the body you deserve."

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I think it's safe to say that, in 2017, Netflix was the undisputed master of original programming.


Stranger Things rules the world, fight me.

And, with the trailer for their newest original series Altered Carbon, it's clear that they plan to continue this trend into 2018.

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Based on Richard Morgan's 2002 cyberpunk novel, this 10-episode adaptation is set over 300 years in the future.


Individual consciousness can be downloaded from one body and moved into another, like a computer file, making death a "mere inconvenience."


But, of course, this privilege is only given to the wealthiest clientele, who can afford to be "re-sleeved" (the term for transferring into different bodies that are literally bagged up and stored for this purpose) on a constant basis.


The trailer promises plenty of intense action, gorgeous imagery, and other staples of sci fi goodness.


So basically, be sure to set some time aside the weekend of Feb. 2, 2018 to binge-watch this one on Netflix!